Working in France

France wishes to better structure professional immigration by facilitating your access to chosen professions.

International talents and economic attractiveness

The multi-year “passeport talent” residence permit was created to help foreign employees and self-employed persons develop France’s economic attractiveness. Your employment contract and your stay in France must exceed three months. It will allow you to stay for a maximum of four years commencing on the date of your arrival in France.

Your family members may also accompany you and will be issued with multi-year residence permits. This permit will authorize your spouse and any children entering into their 18th year to work. In the three months following your arrival in France, you and your family must visit your local police station in France to request a multi-year residence permit corresponding to your situation.

For more information, please visit France Visas.

Apply for a visa

For all general inquiries regarding a visa for France, please log on to France Visas.

Last modified on 31/01/2018

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