Veteran’s rights

Veterans can benefit from the following provisions:

*- Veteran’s Card
*- Certificate of the nation’s gratitude
*- Veteran Disability Card
*- Status of Resistance deportees and internees
*- Veteran’s Pension
*- Military Disability Pension
*- Civil War victim Pension
*- Beneficiary Pension
*- Compensation
*- Free Treatment/ Care

To withdraw your folder or to make enquiries, you can address the consulate at:

For the Veteran’s card and Disability Military Card, you should transmit your enquiries to the following administrations:

Service départemental de l’Office national des anciens combattants et victimes de guerre
295/303, rue Saint Jacques
75240 Paris Cedex 05
Phone :(00 33) (0)1 44 41 47 88

For the retired veteran, pension of military disability, beneficiary’s pension, civil pensions, free treatment/care, and cure requests, contact:

Secrétariat d’État aux Anciens combattants et victimes de guerre
Service des ressortissants résidant à l’étranger
1, Place François Mitterrand
B.P. 17
58120 Château-Chinon
Tél : (00 33) (0)3 86 85 19 55

For any supplementary information regarding former servicemen, visit the portal of the Ministry of Defense and the National Office for the Wounded and Discharged :

Last modified on 04/09/2013

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