Tivi5 Monde, the first ever French-language channel devoted to children

Ms. Laura Gratta, Marketing Coordinator of TV5MONDE introduces the latest-born channel dedicated to young public: Tivi5Monde, the first ever French-language channel devoted to children’s programming in the U.S. Tivi5MONDE offers programs including animation, education and dramatic series targeting teens and young teens. Parents are still welcome...


e-Toile: Tivi5 Monde has been launched recently. Can you give us some specifications for this new TV channel?

Laura Gratta: Tivi5Monde is America’s first and only 24/7 French-language channel devoted entirely to children. This new channel is available on Dish Network as part of the ‘French Bouquet’ alongside TV5Monde.

e-Toile: TV5Monde increased significantly its South Florida presence in November 2011 thanks to its availability across the cable network Comcast Xfinity in Miami and the surrounding area.
Why TV5 decided to add a channel dedicated to the young public of the area?

Laura Gratta: TV5Monde has been in the U.S for more than 10 years and is now a recognized brand for Francophiles and Francophones.

French is the 2nd most taught language in the U.S., so there is large potential market that would enjoy Tivi5Monde.

It was a natural development for TV5Monde to launch this new network and further expand our reach and have a wider appeal for a younger audience. Tivi5Monde will bring the same quality of programs as TV5Monde with no commercials that are entertaining and educational programs for children.

e-Toile: Compared to the other channels in the region, Tivi5Monde broadcasts in French. Any other particularities regarding the content?

Laura Gratta: Tivi5Monde is the first 24/7 French-language children’s channel in the U.S. This new channel will offer very unique and high quality programming that was not available in the U.S. till Tivi5Monde.

Since the launch at the end of January, 2012 we have received very positive feedback from parents, children and schools through our Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/Tivi5MondeUSA!

Contacts: Laura Gratta

Last modified on 17/05/2012

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