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France wishes to better structure professional immigration by facilitating your access to chosen professions.

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A quick look at the new residency card "Compétences et talents":

You are talented, you want to expand your work horizon in France
The new residency card “Compétences et Talents” Is for you:

France wishing to improve the organisation of professional immigration has created the “Compétences et Talents” (skills and talents) residency card. If you are talented and want to expand your work horizon in France, this three years renewable card allows you to exercise the activity of your choice in connection with your professional project.

In addition, your family (spouse and children) will receive residency permits allowing them to legally work in France.

You may be granted this card if you are likely to make a significant or lasting contribution, through your skills or talents, to France’s development in the economic, intellectual, scientific, cultural, humanitarian or athletic fields.

Here are some examples of eligible applicants :
· University graduates
· Qualified professionals, regardless of their academic level
· Investors in an economic project
· Independent professionals such as artists, authors, athletes, etc.
· Senior manager and high level executives

If you are interested in applying for this residency card, please visit the website of the nearest French Consulate, click here.

Last modified on 10/02/2009

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