Consular Assistance

Living in a foreign country, you are submitted to the local laws.
The Consul general’s mission is to protect the French citizens against possible abuses, extortions or discriminations.
The Consulate will act in case of arrest, incarceration, serious accident or illness when aware.
The Consulate can also assist you in case of troubles such as loss or theft of documents.

Contact: Social Services / 305 403 4172


The Consul and his staff will assist you in completing any documents you may have to fill in for the French authorities, and any local procedures regarding your stay.
They will also legalize signatures.

What the Consulate cannot do

  • repatriate you at State expense,
  • pay your hotel bill
  • advance money
  • intervene in strictly personal matters
  • intervene in court proceedings to obtain your release if you are involved in a court case.


Whatever the charge, you have the right, whether you are a resident of the US or a visitor, to communicate with your Consulate or Embassy. The Consulate can contact the local authorities to attest that you are under consular protection and to inquire about the reason for arrest. In such cases, collect calls are accepted by the Consulate: 305 403 4172 or Reception at 305 403 4150 / 4152.

The Consulate will request the necessary authorizations for its officials or their aides to visit you. It will check on the conditions of detention and compliance with local laws.

For legal assistance, the Consulate maintains a list of lawyers (click here); legal fees will be your responsibility.

Last modified on 04/09/2013

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