Tribune de l’Ambassadeur de France aux Etats-Unis, M. Philippe Etienne [en]

A l’occasion de sa visite en Floride, l’Ambassadeur de France aux Etats-Unis, M. Philippe Etienne a publié une tribune dans le Miami Herald - 16-12-2019 (en anglais)

JPEGAs the City of Miami declared Climate emergency, France is willing to contribute to make Florida more resilient and to stir up investment opportunities for Green Businesses both in Florida and in France

While the Climate conference of Parties to the Paris Agreement has just concluded in Madrid, raising collective ambition and investing in sustainable business models are vital to keep climate change under control. Ongoing endeavors need to fasten a global and international mobilization.

France is part of a global movement to demand increased ambition for the environment. « We need our young people in our countries to tell us to work faster, we need the young to tell us to change things » said President Macron at the UN Summit last September. Under the French G7 Presidency : Environment, Oceans and Biodiversity were concretely addressed to limit climate change through greener cooling systems, improvement of energy efficiency and elimination of Hydrofluorocarbons gas (HFCs), which are more damaging than CO2. Making our refrigerants air conditioning devices more energy efficient and climate friendly is one of the most cost-effective ways to concretely make a difference on fighting against climate change, while advancing technology and lowering customer bills.

A Charter on Biodiversity was adopted by G7 Leaders, paving the way for collective action in view of the Summit that France will organize in June 2020 in Marseilles. Held every four years, the International Union for Conservation of Nature Congress is the world’s largest conservation event that will address biodiversity preservation ( I know that Florida has been very active on that issue and my country is looking forward to host a large delegation of experts and civil society from Florida in Marseilles.

Florida is home to many innovative French companies which altogether represents the third largest foreign employer in the State and more than 4 billion USD in bilateral trade last year and have been promoting investment, R&D and quality jobs in fields such as bio and agro technologies for a long time. The French local business ecosystem is currently launching a Tech platform for startups geared to develop new business opportunities and sustainable solutions locally and across the United States.

On Monday December 16 at 4:30 pm, Ambassador Etienne was at Books & Books in Coral Gables for a conversation with David J. Kramer, Senior Fellow (FIU) on “What has been achieved by the G7 French Presidency”.

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