Strengthening trade services is set as top goal for the FACC [fr]

e-Toile: Alain Ouelhadj, hello and thank you for answering our questions. Since January 2018, you are leading the French American Chamber of Commerce in Miami. First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

JPEGAlain Ouelhadj: I have been living in the United States for 9 years. I am married and have 3 children - 2 of them are currently living in the US. I hold an HEC Executive MBA and have spent most of my professional career in major international groups at different levels. Before moving to the US, I managed a company present in the French Stock Exchange Market for 9 years as a General Manager and official shareholder.
As the co-founder of Alda Design and an importer of office furniture made in France, I am first and foremost an entrepreneur.
All along my career, I have always had responsibilities within professional organizations while representing industry branches; this is the background and experience in which I will tap into to benefit the French American Chamber of Commerce South Florida.

e-Toile: As the new Chairman, in which direction would you like to lead the Chamber?

  • Alain Ouelhadj: We are going to focus our efforts in targeting entities and their specific needs. In addition to an already existing solid networking events calendar, this specific initiative will strengthen the Business & Trade division of the Chamber.
    We have already started our work and re-organized the permanent organizational structure of the Chamber in order to cater to our Members’ needs. Communication with our Members will be key throughout the process and the Chamber will be attentive to the valuable feedback each member can provide.

e-Toile: What messages would you like to convene to the local entrepreneurs?

  • Alain Ouelhadj: The United States is a fantastic country for entrepreneurs. However, it is crucial to be assertive and taking into account particularities of the American market - even more so in Florida. Nevertheless, the American economy is flourishing with many opportunities. French products and know-how fit perfectly within the economic landscape while France & the Made in France are getting more attractive.

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Last modified on 09/04/2018

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