A French MiniMetro at Miami International Airport [fr]

On June 21st, 2017, Miami International Airport hosted the successful first year operations anniversary of the new MiniMetro system. The MiniMetro is predicted to carry up to 30 million passengers annually to the Concourse E satellite using less energy and with lower costs than a traditional automated mover. The celebration of the successful first year of the MiniMetro was a reaffirmation of the city of Miami’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Several members of the community were in attendance for this event: Mr. Clément Leclerc, French Consul general, Mr. Jean-Paul Huard, Vice-President of POMA, Mr. Rick Spear, President of Leitner-Poma of America, and Mr. Dan Agostino of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department. (pictures)

This innovative addition to the airport was possible due to collaboration with Leitner- Poma. Leitner-Poma of America, Inc. is a North American subsidiary of Pomagalski S.A., a corporation with headquarters in Voreppe, France and Leitner Technologies, a corporation with headquarters in Sterzing, Italy. Leitner-Poma of America offers a complete line of cable transport systems, including surface lifts, chairlifts, gondolas, MiniMetro ® urban transport, trams, inclined elevators, and industrial trams.

Leitner- Poma’s elegant MiniMetro design mirrors the sleek aesthetic of the city of Miami while adhering to the requirements of speed, silence, comfort, availability, and eco-friendliness. Not only visually appealing, the MiniMetro’s two sigma-built cars are highly efficient in that they can accommodate 150 passengers each. Seeing as how Miami- International Airport is a major hub for regional and international travel, it is estimated the system transports 11,000 riders per hour.

Last modified on 11/01/2018

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