Oscar & Gabrielle: Safety with Style! [fr]


e-Toile : Good morning Ms. Luna Regbi, you represent in Miami “Oscar & Gabrielle”, which has been awarded one of the 2017 prizes of innovation of the FACC in Miami in the category «Art de Vivre». Could you tell us more about the company?

  • Good morning, first and foremost I would like to thank once more the French-American Chamber of Commerce in Miami as well as the jury for the award we have been honored with. OSCAR & GABRIELLE is above anything the story of three women, Clémence, Aimée and Karine, who are equestrians and enthusiasts of jumping over obstacles. These women, conscious of the risk tied to this passion, hope to shed a new light on safety. The protective jacket has often been associated with something of little aesthetic or even "ugly". It is because of this, they partnered with the leader of the airbag industry- HELITE, with the support of Florence, a designer, to create the design of the airbag in conjunction with the riding vest.
    OSCAR & GABRIELLE are riding vests, but also jackets and waistcoats designed in a technical fabric that allows the airbag to inflate in the event of a fall and then return to its original shape. Intended for men, women and children, amateurs and professionals, this line has for sole slogan: "Security has style!"

e-Toile : Why have you chosen Florida to develop this activity?

  • Florida has a significant community of riders. Each year, there is the Wellington Competition - a must for the best international riders. The riders in this region are often innovators and bear new trends, so it is a strategic location to develop the American market.
    We also count on the influence of the United States in the world. Indeed, to equip riders here is indirectly to raise awareness of safety in other countries.

e-Toile : Could you also provide us with information on other projects that you are currently working on?

  • Our most important goal is to make our brand known throughout the world, and to educate riders about safety. We plan to equip even the youngest 8 - 12 year-old riders. We research and innovate on a daily basis. In 2016, we have developed other products such as the "body", an apparel that replaces the traditional shirt. We renew its design every season. We are working on our second collection and we already have plenty of ideas for the next season to come!

To know more about us, I invite you to visit our Facebook page. as well as our website: www.oscaretgabrielle.com

Last modified on 07/07/2017

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