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The founder of Musart, Vincent Grégoire, fell for Miami a few years ago at the time of Art Basel. Seduced by the energy of the fair, he seized its artistic essence to build partnerships with prestigious museums and offer an array of objects and books pertaining to famous artists at the heart of city. Interview.

  • e-Toile: Mr. Vincent Grégoire, hello and thank you for having kindly answered our questions. In Aventura, you have opened Musart, a boutique which is normally found within museums. How did this idea come to you?
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Vincent Grégoire Musart

Vincent Grégoire: Hello and thank you for the invitation! This idea came during my first experience at Art Basel, three years ago. I was immediately enthusiastic with the quality of the event and its incredible organization. I also equally appreciated its impact in the city and the energy that it created (from tourism, events, concerts…). However, as an average visitor, I have found myself in front of works of artists that I did not know, at prices that I could not afford. So I had this feeling of not being in my place. That is why I decided, with my partner, to create an opposite model with a simple concept: art and culture with prices accessible to all. Before moving to Miami four years ago, I lived ten years travelling between Paris, London and then New York; all cities that count with numerous and reputable art museums. The development of the city of Miami and the opening of the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) convinced me that there was a certain enthusiasm for art pieces at accessible prices -and we had opened our first boutique in October 2014 in the famous Aventura Mall that was seduced by the innovative concept.

  • e-Toile: The articles that you sell are inspired in the work of more than twenty internationally renowned artists. How do you make your choices?

- Vincent Grégoire: We have set up partnerships with many prestigious art museums to become the reference museum shop. When we choose an artist, we gather several pieces from different museums. We make sure that, first of all, these are “licensed pieces “, for example the Succession Picasso, the Foundation Magritte, The Mondrian Trust, etc. Our clients help to perpetuate the legacy of renowned artists such as Dali, Van Gogh and Kandinsky. We wanted to have a young, trendy and colorful offer, combining classic or more "edgy" artists. These products were until now only present in museum shops. Musart offers the freedom to acquire them outside these “temples of culture.”

  • e-Toile: Why did you choose Miami to open your first boutique?

- Vincent Grégoire: I moved from New York to Miami four years ago, with intentions of staying in the city for at least several years. I was very impressed by the speed in which the city has developed at all levels, with a clear acceleration in recent years. So, I thought there was room for an innovative concept that might have gone a little unnoticed in New York, which already has prestigious museums and art shops. It was a risky project, but it provoked great enthusiasm both amongst the local population and with South American tourists, whom are very receptive to European art. Musart also has an educational facet. Indeed, each of our clients leaves with literature about the artists that interest them. Our influence extends far beyond Florida’s borders: Thanks to our internet website where we paint details of the life of the artists by adding a “fun facts” section about them. We have also developed a clientele both in the United States and abroad.

  • e-Toile: In a few days the famous contemporary art fair “Art Basel” will take place in Miami. How will the Musart Boutique be associated to this great artistic moment?

- Vincent Grégoire: As an Edgwater resident living a few feet away from the epicenter of the event, I am thrilled to participate again at this great party! As for Musart, we are focused on opening our second store in the prestigious mall Brickell City Centre, which has recently opened on November 3rd, 2016. We are finishing the final works and we will welcome customers in the coming days. We will focus on participating on this contemporary fair next year!


Musart won the Innovation Award in the "Art de Vivre" category at the FACC Miami Annual Gala that took place on May 24, 2016.

Musart Boutique
Aventura Mall (Lower Level)
19501 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180
(786) 320-5566

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