French language and Francophonie Week 2016 [fr]


The French language and Francophonie Week is there from March 12-20, 2016,
the last day being International Francophonie Day.

It is a major event for all the French language lovers, and a great occasion to show one’s attachment to the language of Molière by celebrating its richness and diversity during which a "French Contest" is open.

The purpose of the “French Contest” event is to invite students to play and express themselves in either a literary or artistic form.

We are pleased to invite you to join this venture and encourage your students to participate in this French Contest 2016 edition.

The French contest “Autoportraits” is open to all students of French in grade K-12. The students must be currently enrolled in a public or private school, or any institution offering French language courses in Florida.

The contest consists of submitting an individual assignment (as prizes will be individual) that will be a self-portrait in the form of a drawing or a photograph with a written text in French. The work should include an artistic dimension and a real linguistic work.



Last modified on 14/03/2016

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