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David Azar and Kouros Armandeh lead a digital marketing and communication agency that has already 20 employees. Their start-up, which offers digital marketing solutions, created and headquartered in Miami, has since last November opened an office in Paris. In this interview, Outsmart Labs’ President and co-founder, David Azar, introduces us to the company’s wide range of services and to the development projects on both sides of the Atlantic that include further recruitment.


- e-Toile : Hello, David Azar. You are the President and Founder of Outsmart Labs, a digital marketing agencythat has tripled in size in 2015! Before we go into what your company offers, can you please share your journey from its inception?

- David Azar: Everything began while I was studying Business at the University of Miami. Then I created my first event agency, which quickly grew as the largest event organization for students in Miami. At the time, all our promotion and communication was done through digital marketing (Facebook, Twitter, websites promoting events...) After my graduation, I joined Amadeus, the largest global distribution system for all airlines & cruises for which I was in charge of creating and developing their digital footprints in the US and Canada. Thanks to these very positive experiences, I noticed the opportunities that the digital world offered to those who could master it. Therefore, we decided with my business partner, Kouros Armandeh, to open Outsmart Labs, a digital marketing agency in which we are a team of 20.

- e-Toile : You define Outsmart Labs as a digital marketing agency. What exactly do you offer to your clients?

- David Azar: Outsmart Labs is first and foremost, an agency that is 100% focused on the relationship with our customer. We have a passion and a specific goal: create digital ecosystems to help our clients meet their objectives. We use effective means to create communities and redirect quality traffic to a website so that it achieves our clients’ specific goal (sales, leads, visibility, likes, subscriptions, etc.). Our team is comprised of digital experts allowing us to develop all possible solutions ranging from creating websites & technologies, up until the creation and implementation of digital communication strategies.

- e-Toile: Your headquarter is located in Miami and last November you opened an office in Paris; can you tell us why you decided to launch this new bureau in France?

- David Azar: We were pioneers in our field. Miami’s tech ecosystem experienced a huge growth in the last 5 years, so we seized the opportunity to be a part of that trend by staying in the core of the system. That allows us to be an extremely active company in this field, ultimately exceeding one million euros in sales revenue. We are called on to work for prestigious clients from all over the world including Focus/ Universal, Vocalcom, and Ciprés Vie. Thanks to our exposure to French culture and the rise in demand from our French customers, we decided to take the opportunity to get closer to our roots and open an office in Paris.


- e-Toile : In the United States, your clients range from a multitude of fields such as sports, audiovisual, the technological world, and e-commerce . Do you target the same customers in France and offer similar services?

- David Azar: The digital world is very specific and in most cases, uses the same codes regardless of the client’s field of activity. Although the business models might be different for each industry, in digital terms, the mechanisms used to drive traffic stay fairly similar. Indeed, we feel we are ready and capable to guide and support any type of client whether in France or the United States. The goal is always to find the most strategic way to achieve our clients objectives by creating personalized strategies in order to provide the most visibility, traffic and sales.

- e-Toile : When opening the French office of Outsmart Labs, why did you choose “le quartier de la Bourse”, Paris’ Wall Street?

- David Azar: It is vital for us to be part of the hub of the field in which we operate and work. As Bourse is considered the Paris’ district of startups and tech companies, it was obvious to us that we had to set foot there. We wanted to be as close as possible to the professionals spearheading the field, and to inject our touch to that constantly evolving industry. I also fell in love with the neighborhood that I had very little knowledge about before…

- e-Toile: Your company is planning on hiring more people in 2016. What type of employees do you look for and are they hard to find in both Miami and Paris?

- David Azar: We are always looking for talented, creative, enthusiastic and hard working people that strive to find solution and innovative solutions. We are not only seeking people with technical skills, but above all those who have a permanent drive to do better and like to outsmart others (as the company’s name highlights). We are extremely excited to have opened an office in Paris as France is home to some incredibly talented individuals.


Last modified on 28/10/2016

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