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JPEG- e-Toile: Mrs. Valérie Massoni, good morning. Two years ago, you opened a studio offering workshops and classes targeted at women- especially future mothers. How this project came to be hatched?

- Mrs. Valérie Massoni: I am delighted to welcome you today to Body Belly Baby ® a Women Wellness Center addressed exclusively to women to be at their best before, during, and after pregnancy – physically, emotionally, and psychologically. I am happy to share with you how this project came to life.

I had a dream few years ago one night. I woke up with this project in mind and started to write down my ideas and concept the same morning and made my dream come a reality step by step. I dreamed of a place exclusively addressed to expectant moms and new moms to exercise and learn safely, effectively in a nurturing and comfortable boutique studio.

As a mother of two children, I experienced the motherhood journey with its happy moments and challenging times too: pregnancy, postpartum, and the transition to motherhood. During pregnancy, I exercised regularly since I knew how beneficial physical activity was - not only for me – physically, emotionally and psychologically - but also for my baby. I exercised alone and tried to learn from DVDs and books. I studied and learned about all the changes during pregnancy and how physical activity had to be modified to meet my new body.

When my first child was born, I felt isolated at times as a new mom with a newborn in a city away from my family. Most of my friends were working and I knew few moms with babies. It was difficult to go out, make it to a class, or meet other moms … and let alone taking a fitness class that would meet my needs as a postpartum mom and let me attend with my baby. There was no place to feel comfortable to exercise at my pace to get my body back. And clearly no place where I could easily get together with other mommies and babies to exercise safely and effectively, or chat, or have a cup of tea.

So I envisioned Body Belly Baby as a Women Wellness Center for MOMS: expectant moms, new moms and school-age children moms who want to learn, be fit, exercise, bond and be part of the Body Belly Baby community.

- e-Toile: What training did you get prior to the opening of your studio?

I studied the Pilates Method with Peak Pilates ten years ago, and became a comprehensively certified instructor and now I am on my way to become a Peak Pilates Master Instructor to educate teachers. I trained and certified in every single course I teach from prenatal Pilates, Barre class to baby massage and pediatric CPR.

I lived in Japan where I had the opportunity to study and work in a private OBGYN Practice in Tokyo where I trained and taught many expectant moms and new moms. My clientele was also the expatriate community: the French and International community and I created a beautiful mommy- baby community there. When I moved to Miami in 2013 I knew that it was the right time and city for my dream to come true. Body Belly Baby ® was born in February 2014.

At Body Belly Baby ® we accompany women through the cycles of motherhood from Body to Belly, from Belly to Baby and back to a healthy Body with your baby. My vision is to create a unique and nurturing health - wellness - education community for every mom and mom-to-be, for every woman and any stage of womanhood and motherhood.


-  e-Toile: You have chosen to open this studio at Cocunut Grove. Why have you chosen this location and, above all, why do you believe that Miami is a suitable terrain to this kind of activity?

- Mrs. Valérie Massoni: I love Coconut Grove’s ambiance, spirit and proximity to the ocean. It is a beautiful and central area in Miami at the intersection between Brickell, South Miami, Coral Gables, and Key Biscayne.
I chose Body Belly Baby ® ’s location because I fell in love right away the minute I came in that space. Then the proximity to the ocean, walking distance from the buildings, Starbucks, Monty’s restaurant and Fresh Market. It is truly a wonderful area for my clientele who love the center and its relaxed bright setting with amazing sky, palm trees and marina views.
These services respond to the needs of every expectant mom and new mom and the community I built is a mark of success fulfilling a need.


- e-Toile: Could you describe to us readers the different types of services that you offer and introduce us the people you work with?

- Mrs. Valérie Massoni: Body Belly Baby offers a choice of quality health-related and educational activities in a caring and safe environment conducive to social bonding.

We offer a variety of services in a welcoming, safe, and fun environment for the Mom-to-be such as prenatal yoga, postnatal Pilates classes, baby massage courses, birth preparation course, and prenatal lactation class.

To the Moms, we offer pelvic floor rehabilitation, pelvic floor fitness, pilates mat (private and group), ane pilates Reformer (private and group).

Together moms and babies can take postnatal Pilates classes, Pilates - Barre classes, baby massage courses, pediatric CPR training course, lactation support group, and maternity-teatime support group and theme-discussion. The postpartum moms can opt also for the pelvic floor rehabilitation and the pelvic floor fitness.

I have a team of wonderful women who provide excellent services at the studio.
J. del Sol who is a Doula, and a post partum doula is also a Lactation Certified Consultant with Mainstay Doulas and V. Michel is a yoga instructor and a prenatal Yoga instructor who is also ACtive CHildbirth certified instructor.
On my side, I teach all of the Pilates, prenatal Pilates classes, Mommy & Me as well as CPR, massage courses as a Peak Pilates Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, and a Master Instructor.

- e-Toile: Your wellness center is offering a very specific technology, could you explain to us what type of care it is?

- Mrs. Valérie Massoni: My center offers the Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation service – with the EXMI technology Chair (extracorporeal Magnetic Innervation technology TM) at Body Belly Baby ® for a couple of reasons.

Postpartum Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation is not part of the postpartum care protocol for new moms in the US as it is in France. In France every new mom systematically attends Perineum Physical Therapy sessions to strengthen and tone a weakened pelvic floor postpartum to prevent incontinence issues in the future and strengthen the muscles strained during pregnancy and labor.

Pregnancy is very strenuous on the pelvic floor muscle. Independently of the type of birth - vaginal or C-section, research shows that the pelvic floor needs to be toned and strengthened after birth. The EXMI is a chair you sit on fully dressed. It is non-invasive, non-surgical, and does the kegels for you.
As a French mom in Miami, this service was not available to me when I had my children and I did all my rehabilitation in France. So it is very important to me to offer this service now for every woman in Miami. I want every French woman and mom to know that this service is available in Miami with the most advanced and most effective tool.


- e-Toile: Finally, what are the projects you wish to develop in the next months ?

I would like to develop the Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation service.
It is crucial to educate women and bring more awareness about the importance of a healthy pelvic floor for every woman. I educate all of my expectant clients the importance of a healthy pelvic floor during pregnancy by teaching them Kegels exercises. I also talk a lot about pelvic floor fitness and rehabilitation postpartum.

Pelvic Floor Open House takes place every other month with a doctor at Body Belly Baby™® to educate and inform. It is a complimentary educational Open House where attendants learn about Pelvic Floor during a brief presentation, ask questions to the doctor and get a free demo of the EXMI Chair.

I really want to grow this service and reach out to every mom in Miami – of course to all the French moms and women. The EXMI technlogy is the most effective and comfortable technology to rehabilitate the Pelvic floor. Body Belly Baby is the exclusive Pelvic Floor Fitness Center in Miami.

EXMI technology is very different from biofeedback and electrical stimulation and research has shown that it also a lot more effective. Electrical stimulation is compared to the old landline phone from the 80’s and EXMI to the Iphone as regards technology and effectiveness

My second project is my studies with Miss Lolita San Miguel who studied, was certified and trained by Joseph Pilates himself. I will become Joseph Pilates Second generation disciple this Summer a Master Instructor and will be able to train and certify teachers.

My immediate project starting in February 2016 is Materni-Teatime® , a support and education group for moms with their babies to discuss every Thursday afternoons. Moms are welcome to Body Belly Baby to share a cup of tea and cookies while they can talk, share and learn about various baby subjects such as transitioning to motherhood, nursing, sleep…etc.

I look forward to welcoming you again soon for our next Open House.

Last modified on 14/03/2016

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