A logo for the 30th anniversary of the Consulate [fr]


In celebration of its thirtieth year of operation, the consulate has adopted a logo celebrating the dynamism of the city and of its constituency. The logo also symbolizes the great activity of the large French community that this consulate has the opportunity to serve.

In addition to the palm trees emphasizing the vitality of the touristic sector- in particular the cruiseship industry, for which Florida is the worldwide leader in this sector - the buildings of the financial district of Miami rise up, as well as the cranes of its commercial port.

This image would not be complete without the presence of an airplane, as the aerospace business constitutes another local major activity in which the French companies excel.

While the logo represents Miami, home of the Consulate, the image also evokes the cities of Fort-Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa.

This logo represented in the colors of France and the United States, will mark the key times of the Consulate General of France throughout 2016. A new year that we wish all of you pleasant and prosperous!

Last modified on 22/01/2016

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