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Do not miss Goût de France / Good France event on 21 March 2016, a unique opportunity to savour France.
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What is Goût de France / Good France?

“Talking about cuisine — French cuisine
— is also talking about joie de vivre, delicacy, optimism, and pleasure
— ideas that are all crucial to the image of France.” Alain Ducasse

Goût de / Good France will celebrate French gastronomy in various locations worldwide on 21 March, 2016.

Over 1,000 chefs on all five continents are expected to join the event.

Dinners served simultaneously in participating restaurants will honour the merits of French cuisine, its capacity for innovation, and its values: sharing, enjoying, and respecting the principles of high-quality, environmentally responsible cuisine.

In 1912, Auguste Escoffier started Les Dîners d’Épicure (Epicurean Diners): one day, one menu, served in cities around the world, to as many guests as possible.

In 2015, the first edition of Goût de/Good France took the idea further, bringing all categories of restaurants together globally. The second edition of this international event, taking place on 21 March, 2016, will mark, once again, the concrete demonstration of French cuisine’s recent listing in the “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” category by UNESCO, and its influence on the world.

Goût de/Good France’s objectives are to:

PROMOTE FRENCH TOURISM — in an effort to promote France, this one of a kind dinner will take advantage of international visibility, and aim to send a strong message to the world, through dynamic and creative chefs.

CARRY THE COLORS OF FRENCH CUISINE WITH PRIDE — it will send messages of strong added values:

The message that French cuisine is CONTEMPORARY — Traditional French cuisine is not a dominion of the 21st century culinary scene. Participating chefs are encouraged to blend their own culinary culture to that of France, rather than discounting it.

The message that French cuisine is EXCELLENCE — Healthy, Innovative, and Responsible: In addition to representing the heartiness associated with the pleasures of eating, food also becomes the symbol of France’s positive values:

— Healthy dishes prepared from fresh, seasonal, and local produce, with low fat, salt, and sugar content;
— Meals for everyone, from bistro to gourmet dining.

During the Goût de/Good France event, an international communication plan is made available to participating chefs in an effort to promote their dishes, and their savoir faire, all over the world with active support from French embassies, Atout France and media partners, France Media Monde, TV5 Monde.

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