Label France Education: Award ceremony of International Studies Preparatory Academy [fr]

On October 8, 2015, the International Studies Preparatory Academy or ISPA, located in Coral Gables, received the "LabelFrancEducation".

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From left to right: Ms. Melba Brito, Administrative Director of the Miami-Dade county Division of World Languages, Mr. Philippe Létrilliart, Consul general of France, Mr. Alejandro Perez, Director of ISPA, Ms. Bénédicte de Montlaur, Cultural counselor of the French Embassy and Ms. Lourdes Gimenez, Administrative Director of the Central Region Office.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Perez recalled the Institution’s outstanding journey which opened its doors 5 years ago with only 15 students at the time.
As of today, aside from its bilingual program in French, ISPA offers Spanish and Italian language programs.

This institution has managed to create student polyglots which, in multiple languages, were able to host and welcome the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Educational Authorities, Mrs. Marlene Leyte-Vidal and Mrs. Julissa ina, the Directors of Sunset Elementary, as well as Mrs. Martina Chang from Ponce de Leon Middle School.

In the United States, only 11 schools have obtained the "LabelFrancEducation". ISPA is the first high-school in North America to receive this prestigious award.

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LabelFrancEducation - the seal
Credits: Consulate general of France in Miami

Launched in 2012, the "LabelFrancÉducation" is granted to schools promoting French language and culture as part of their curriculum. "LabelFrancÉducation" recognizes and rewards public and private schools that offer students enhanced instruction in the French language while also teaching other subjects in French.

Any institutions, public or private, that offer a French language and culture promoting curriculum are also eligible to receive the "LabelFrancÉducation".

"LabelFrancÉducation" is granted by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs based on the advice of an interministerial advisory committee composed of representatives from the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education, the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) and Mission Laïque Française, a non-profit organization.

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