Mr. Gardnar Mulloy, an accomplished man [fr]


Garnard Mulloy is a man who hasn’t seen a mountain that he can’t climb. He is most recognized as an American tennis champion and the oldest living member of the International Hall of Fame. He started the University of Miami’s Tennis team as a coach in the late 30’s and in 1957 won the Wimbledon doubles, becoming the oldest championship team since World War II. However, it was his role in the war that France honored on September 17, 2015.

He joined the army at the debut of the World War II just after the attacks on Pearl Harbor and days after his 28th birthday. Mulloy quickly rose up the ranks; becoming a full lieutenant and commanding officer. It was his direct participation in the liberation of Southern France that awarded him his next big accomplishment- at 102 years old, Mr. Mulloy was not only distinguished with the French Legion of Honor, was also the oldest veteran to receive it.

In the presence of his close friends and his wife, Jacqueline Mulloy, the Consul general of France, Mr. Philippe Létrilliart, recognized him as a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, the highest disctinction offered by France, a warm token for his courage and his remarkable actions to help to free the French land and Europe.

Last modified on 08/10/2015

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