Maison & Objet Americas First Trade Show [fr]

Considered as one of the major shows in Europe, Maison & Objet is the art of living show, exposing a large range of products: home décor, design, furniture, accessories, textile, fragrances, tableware… Fresh from its French success, the show was exported for the first time across the Atlantic, to Miami Beach, May 12-15, 2015.
  • Paris

Founded in Paris in 1995, the event gathers over 160.000 visitors each year in the French capital and thus represents a substantial growth lever for the attending brand, as well as an innovative showcase.
According to the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the show generated over EUR 330 million in terms of economic impacts for the country. It also contributed to the creation of 5500 full-time jobs. Its growing success provides a real potential: a 350 000m2 project in the long run, ranking the event at the 3rd position of the biggest exhibition centers, after the Hannover Show and the international Expo Milan 2015.
The event also contributed to the booking of over 12.000 hotel rooms in the park’s surroundings.

Every year, the show highlights the most talented French artists, such as the designer and architect Philippe Starck, internationally recognized for his industrial design as well as for his regular consumption goods.
Maison & Objet well and truly reaffirms France’s leading position in the field of new technologies and innovations.

  • Singapore and Miami

The event was exported for the first time in Singapore in March this year, “Maison & Objet Asia” and would potentially represent 60 million future clients.
In May, Maison & Objet opened a first edition in Miami Beach, with more than 300 brands coming from 24 different countries.

The visitors had the opportunity to discover over 100 French brands such as Beaume Collection, Atelier Saint Didier, Laguiole, Balsac, l’Atelier du Vin or Maison Sey. Innovative technologies that will undoubtedly be soon indispensable objects for our interiors were honored during these 4 days.


Maison & Objet Americas was associated with several cultural institutions as well as with Art Galleries from the upper Miami in order to build a unique event. The French organization Business France (previously called UbiFrance) also took part in the event with a selection of over 10 French companies. Among them, the example of Campa that was offering new high-tech heating solutions.
Gathered under the name “French Connected Design”, all these French brands suggested innovative solutions specialized in home-connected objects.

At the crossroads between North and South America, Miami once again took advantage of its unique geographical position. But if the city was chosen to be the American center for Arts and Design, it is because it has been shaped by the influence of contemporary art, luxury, fashion and home décor.

To conclude the show, a rewarding Prize for Architecture “Pritzker Laureates" was attributed to the most talented candidates, enabling them to boost their young design career.

In the light of this successful edition, Maison & Objet Americas is about to become the first of a future not-to-be missed event in Miami.
The city proved to be the new place for design tendencies and luxury. The media reports the comeback of gold as the main tendency. Indeed, designers chose to use this precious metal in order to create small objects but also bigger pieces such as mirrors or washstands. Gold is back!

Maison & Objet Americas seems to have a long life ahead, since it was estimated that 80 billion connected objects will be used by 2020, when we are currently using 15 billion of them.
Among this 80 billion, 85% would be home objects. In France, 300 000 connected objects were sold in 2013, a market of EUR 64 million. Miami will probably soon benefit from this expanding market!

Last modified on 28/05/2015

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