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After 7 years of steady growth in France, under the leadership of Ronald Magaut and Celine Guerbert, VOA Voice Studios has successfully developed its business in Miami. The subsidiary is the new audiovisual post-production hub. Ronald Magaut, CEO and co-founder, discusses its core activities, its added value, as well as its most important asset: quality. Interview.

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e-Toile : Ronald Magaut, hello, you are the President and co-founder of « VOA Voice Studios », a company specializing in creating voice-off, voice-over and dubbing. Could you describe to our readers your core business as well as the range of services you propose?

  • Ronald Magaut: VOA Voice Studios is an agency specializing in voice-off and dubbing. Our job is to find the voices that will embody the movie characters, or even brands for commercials.

It is our core business and our added value! It is around this expertise that we make all of the audiovisual post-production operations, in order to provide our customers a complete service.

I will give you a more concrete example. Lately, we did all of the post-production of a documentary for a French TV channel. It started by casting the voice, a fundamental step in the success of a global project. We then recorded the voices in our studios, which are mixed with different soundtracks: interviews, music, and sound effects.

Parallel to the audio segment, we performed the calibration of the film, which is the step to mix and edit the different sections. Once the director and the producer have validated all the operations, we produced what we call in our jargon the “PAD”, or ready to play, which is the final product that we deliver to the TV channels.

To summarize, “VOA Voice Studios” is an audiovisual post-production hub offering to advertisers, PR and promotion agencies and media, the full range of services necessary for the realization of a film.

e-Toile : Established in Paris since 2007, « VOA Voice Studios » recently opened its first office outside of France. Why did you pick Miami for this first establishment abroad and what type of work relationship did you implement between this new studio and your Parisian headquarter?

  • Ronald Magaut: After seven years of continued growth in France, and a strong international perspective in our DNA, Céline Guerbert and I decided to launch our subsidiary in the United States. Settling a production base in the U.S. converges with a strong demand from our American clientele. We obviously had plenty of choices to implement this post-production hub ... there are so many interesting cities here!

But Miami had many decisive assets.

First of all, it was important to us that our new branch could work in close collaboration with our Parisian headquarter. So, settling in the East Coast and having only 6 hours of time difference with France was important.

Then, during our different research trips, we were able to verify that Miami had a highly developed business ecosystem related to the media, communication and audiovisual sectors, which meant that here we would be able to find customers, suppliers, actors ... in short, everything we needed to grow our business!

It is also a city that is experiencing significant economic growth: simply count the number of skyscrapers under construction ... When you arrive from France, it’s really impressive!

And of course, its openness to Central and South America, which are important regions in terms of consumption and media production, have very interesting development prospects.

Is there a city more cosmopolitan than Miami? In our studios in Paris we can record in more than 50 languages. We really hope to surpass that in Miami!

VOA Studios in Miami - JPEGe-Toile : Your expertise and professionalism have already attracted many international clients, not only in the media sector but also at the core of mass consumption, luxury or even banking and insurance ...
What is your recipe for success?

  • Ronald Magaut: Céline and I are sound engineers. We are graduates from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière, known to be the best school in France in this field.

It is a school where one learns to truly listen, and that’s what really makes the difference in our business! Listening to the voices, of course, but also listening to the customers! Knowing how to hear what the customer tells us about its project, understanding the needs and transcribing everything into voice, sound and image.

Since the launch of our first studio in 2007, one of our most important values is quality. We do not compromise on quality! We have set up processes at the different levels of the production that allow us to guarantee our customers a consistent quality.

At the beginning I mentioned how voice casting was a crucial step for the success of the projects. Offering our customers the voice that will match perfectly to the subject or the character... is perhaps our most important added value!

We are in constant sourcing of new voices: every day, we receive dozens of new records to listen, to validate (or not), to classify, to characterize in order to be able to offer them at the right time for the right project.

I invite you to visit our casting voice website, where you can listen to over 7500 categorized and listed clips. A tip: help yourself with the search engine developed specifically for our site to find the voice that will match your request!

e-Toile : Finally, could you share with us some of your plans for 2015?

  • Ronald Magaut: Some of our projects for 2015? I do not know where to begin; we handle more than 100 projects each month!

We already have in preparation. For example, several national publicity campaigns for France, a great film project on occupational health to be developed in 18 languages, the dubbing of animated films that were done in 2014, musical compositions for movie spots, or subtitles in 5 languages for training videos for a large American company.

Do you know what is really exciting in this business? The variety of projects and topics that we can work with in a single day! We truly feel that we live in a world that is open, connected and global. Very often we get to encounter worlds and cultures that sometimes are very far away.

Being in Miami, you find yourself at a real geographic, cultural, and economic crossroad and you feel that everything is possible!

1150 SW 22nd Street, Miami FL 33129
76, rue Marceau 93100 Montreuil

Article published on Dec. 2, 2014.

Last modified on 03/12/2014

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