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Caroline Receveur introduces us « Wandertea », which offers a range of teas, whose benefits can help you feel better or get back on your feet.


e-Toile : Caroline Receveur good morning! You have recently decided to create Wandertea. How did this idea come up?
I have always been a big tea-lover and I did not find the perfect fit on the market. That’s why I decided to launch my own range of teas with the precious help an herbalist chemist and a nutritionist.

e-Toile : Can you describe your teas as well as their benefits?

Currently, we offer 4 mixtures of plants:

- “Wander Detox”, which aims to facilitate digestion, get thinner while cleaning the body. To take during 14 or 28 days.
- “Wandertea Flawless Skin”, which aims to purify deeply the skin and pull toxins and impurities out. To take during 28 days.
- “Wandertea Daily Tea”, which aims to facilitate digestion, to reduce water retention and to help to get a restorative sleep. To drink to your heart’s content.

- “Wandertea Hangover Tea”, which aims to recover your energy after a party. It helps to eliminate toxins, headaches and nauseas. Enjoy when needed.

To summarize, some of these teas (Detox Tea and Flawless Skin Tea) can be consumed during cleansing period while some others can be enjoyed occasionally (Daily Tea and Hangover Tea).


e-Toile : Wandertea receives a real success in France and throughout Europe. Besides, you have also started the distribution in the U.S. and particularly in Miami, a city where you have already some orders. How did you get to make yourself known in the U.S. and according to you, why are the Americans interested by French teas?

I think that the “made-in-France concept” is quite appreciated in North America. It is recognized as a quality guarantee. For me, it is really important that Wandertea distinguishes itself from the other detox teas by its origins and the French “savoir-faire”.

Wandertea is delivered all over the world via our website. We have already several orders in the U.S., even if it is not an easy market to conquer. We target firstly the European market but my “American Dream” could become reality if I have the opportunity to open a shop in Miami in a few years.

e-Toile : Finally, if you would like to leave any words of welcome to our readers, what would they be?

I would just tell them to visit our Instagram and our Facebook pages so that they can have a foretaste of all the benefits felt by our customers.
I would be more than delighted to offer them a 10% discount during the 10 following days with the promotional code “MIAMI”!

For more info, please contact Wandertea and visit the website.

Article published on November 19th, 2014

Last modified on 24/11/2014

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