Visit of the Ambassador of France to the US: 2 days focusing on economy

1- The Ambassador’s first visit to Miami :

During the event, Ambassador Araud, accompanied by French Consul General Philippe Létrilliart, had the opportunity to exchange with business leaders and public figures in the arts and design sector of Miami, including entrepreneur and art collector Mr. Craig Robins.


In addition to meeting with the managers of major seaport Port of Miami and CEOs of cruising and maritime transport companies in the region, Mr. Araud visited the Design District alongside Mr. David Gouvert, Vice-President of Louis Vuitton and Executive Director of LVMH, a French company that has supported the Design District project from the start.


From left to right : Gérard Araud, Ambassador of France to the United States; David Goubert, LVMH, Philippe Létrilliart, French Consul General

2- Economic partnerships between France and the U.S. :

On November 4, the Ambassador spoke at a luncheon hosted by FACC Miami, focusing on foreign investment in France and economic partnerships between the United States and France. In his speech, Mr. Araud spoke of the strong economic Franco-American partnerships which unite our two countries, as well as the actions France has taken in order to attract foreign investments from the U.S. and elsewhere. He emphasized that the state of Florida has a strong economic presence in our country with more than 50 Floridian companies operating in France.


3- Meeting with the French community :

As part of his visit to Miami, Ambassador Araud also met with leaders of the local French community during an evening attended by the French Consular Corps, French officials, representatives of regional economic organizations, and Presidents of French associations, in order to speak about reforms of particular interest to the French community in the United States.


From left to right : Mr. Franck Bondrille, Jacques Brion and Xavier Capdevielle, Consular Counsel, Mr. Gérard Araud, Ambassador of France to the U.S., Mrs Nicole Hirsh, Elected to the "Assemblée des Français de l’étranger" and Mr. Philippe Létrilliart, French Consul General


The Ambassador of France to the U.S., Mr. Gérard Araud, speaking to the French communauty, on November 4th, 2014.

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Article published on November 10, 2014

Last modified on 02/12/2014

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