“French Spa”: Let yourself be pampered

The first edition of "French Spa", launched by the FACC Miami as part of "French Weeks Miami" 2014, is an invitation to a dozen of French beauty salons. So, take advantage of a "French Spa”: relax and enjoy the French "savoir-faire" with a special discount.

In this interview, you can already learn more about "Clinic Libessart", which offers innovative aesthetic care.

e-Toile : Sophie Libessart good morning. It‘s already been four years since you came to the United States. What motivated you to get settled in the United States and in particular in Miami?

Sophie Libessart : My husband and I wanted a fresh start after twenty years of professional career in France. We wanted our children to be more open to the world.
We chose the United States because it is a country that appreciates free enterprise, the know-how and the values of work. We picked Miami for its large Francophone community, and of course, coming from Pas-De-Calais, for its nice weather year-round.

e-Toile : Your arrival in Miami seems to have been an opportunity for you to extend the range of services provided by your SPA. Are there any techniques that you had to learn here to complement your array of treatments and, conversely do you provide services still locally unknown?

Sophie Libessart : First of all, we are not a SPA, but rather a clinic of medical and aesthetic treatments.
We have reproduced what we already did in France, which is to offer to our customers the possibility to get treatment and indulge themselves in the same place, while getting aesthetic treatments.
Our key goal is to provide natural treatments. In aesthetic, we use innovative treatments: 100% natural and 100% French.
For example, we use gemology, which is a line of products that uses the benefits of precious and semi-precious stones. We are the first to use this concept in the United States. Our professionals are specially trained to offer these facial and body treatments, which are absolutely breathtaking; the must is the diamond treatment!


e-Toile : According to you, what are the advantages, in Miami, of a beauty salon labeled « French »?
Does your local clientele come looking for particular treatments, which are not offered in other salons?

Sophie Libessart : Our customers know that as soon as they open our door they will be taken care of by a highly qualified staff. Our clients have trusted us now for the past five years. Moreover, French products and training is well appreciated here.

e-Toile : Starting next October 23rd, you will be participating in the brand new event ‘French SPA’, the latest addition to “French Weeks Miami” 2014. Why did you accept to participate to this event?

Sophie Libessart : We are always proud to put forward French expertise. So it is very natural for me to be a part of “French Spa”.

e-Toile : If you had any words of welcome to our readers, what would they be?

Sophie Libessart : My passionate team is waiting for you during these “French Week Miami”, and we are all very excited to open up to you our universe.

With the gemology treatments, it is not just a simple treatment that awaits you, but a totally new experience: a communion with precious stones, and a journey in the sumptuous world of gems.

See you soon!

For more info, please, visit Clinic Libessart, located at 5823 Sunset Dr, Coral Gables, FL 33143

and the website of “French Weeks Miami” 2014

Article published on October, 21, 2014

Last modified on 28/10/2014

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