"FeelGood HealthyFood" delivers taste and joy in your kitchen [fr]

Claire Soulet and Alexandre Pollet, who have been entrepreneurs for the past nine months, have always been in love of flavor. In Miami, they make up baskets introducing recipes and local products from organic farming.
Their goal is to invite people to discover a food, which is good for the body and the spirit of the grown-ups and the little ones!


e-Toile: Claire Soulet and Alexandre Pollet hello, in August 2013 you created the FeelGood Healthyfood company, betting on the fact that good products invite people to cook! Before introducing your business, can you tell us more about yourselves? Are you Chefs?

- * Claire Soulet and Alexandre Pollet: Hello! First of all, we are a French couple with a passion for the United States.
We love the energy and optimism that prevail here. We dreamed of being able to live here and create our business together.

It took time because we had to set up the project and organize our departure.
To make the decision to move away from our families and friends and to leave the financial comfort and security we had in France was not easy.

However, personal events made us realize that life was too short and that we had to try to make our dreams come true.
In all, it took us close to three years, from the original idea to the actual opening of the business.
We are not chefs. Claire was in the events business and I worked previously in the wealth management industry.
Our slogan: "You don’t need to be a chef to cook well and healthy” answers to your question.

We both have very different ways of cooking even though we share the same passion for it. Claire can open the fridge and create a recipe in no time; As for me, I need the recipe with the ingredients in their exact proportions.
In both cases, it is necessary to have the base: good products.

e-Toile: Can you give our readers an idea of what process you followed to start your business?

- * Claire Soulet and Alexandre Pollet We relied on all platforms that could provide us with information from France: "La maison des Français de l’Etranger" (French Foreign Ministry), the Beacon Council and the American Embassy in Paris.

Then in Miami, during our frequent preparation trips, we met the Consulate, the French American Chamber of Commerce in Miami and various local associations.

The choice of an immigration lawyer is essential.
The key is to apply the advice it gives you without giving much importance to rumors going around. As part of the Latin people, we have a tendency of thinking that we can bend the rules.

It is a huge mistake to believe so. The consequences can be very heavy. We immigrate, it seems obvious that we must respect the opportunity to invest here, by playing by the rules since the outset.
At the end of this process, we got an E2 visa for 5 years.

e-Toile: FeelGood Healthyfood offers four main types of products and free delivery, can you describe them and tell us why you made the choice to offer products that are local and usually from organic cultivation?

- * Claire Soulet and Alexandre Pollet: You will find them on our website as well. We offer:

- Our Week Bags: assorted fresh fruits and vegetables in season. The contents of the bags vary each week.

We always slip in a recipe and a tip for cooking the products.
In addition to this, you’ll be able to buy our Weeks Bags by theme, like the one we are preparing for Thanksgiving!

- Our Kids Workshops: dedicated to children to enable them to discover fruits and vegetables through their five senses while having fun.

- Our Fruity Gift: an original gift that will surprise your guests: delicious fruit in a beautiful ceramic basket that you can choose, and that will remain a decoration piece.

- Our Dinner Kit: available in a few weeks, according to a simple idea: a "kit" containing all the ingredients to prepare a meal for 2 or 4 people as well as accessories to decorate your table.
The opportunity to build on the recipe of a celebrity. Michelle Obama will be our first guest, she agreed to give us her family recipe with which we will launch this product!

We are very keen to promoting local agriculture and expertise to support farmers and artisans but also because their products are EXCELLENT.
That’s why we offer the bread of Zak The Baker, who is in our opinion one of the best bakers in Miami.
We will soon discover a honey producer and a delicious jam as well.
We also really hope to find new partners!

We do not only offer organic products but also work with partners labeled "Greener Fields Together" still quite unknown to the general public.
You got it! "Feel Good" focuses on taste.

e-Toile: What are the major differences you observe between the French organic market and its American counterpart?

- * Claire Soulet and Alexandre Pollet: It is always difficult to compare consumption patterns between countries, the typology of consumers is different and often data are difficult to gather.

So we will give you our consumer and entrepreneur perspective from the past 9 months.

The American organic food market has a strong infatuation with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, but it actually developed after the introduction of the national regulations (USDA) in late 2002.
However, our feeling is that, in the end, the American consumer trusts the Organic "tag “without really understanding what it means.

Our market in France is more mature, consumers understand that they need to eat seasonal products, reduce transportation, avoid GMOs, favor good pay for farmers etc...
Here, many consumers look for organic products because they learned that it is healthier. Little does it matter if it is packaged in three bags of non-recyclable plastic or if the products travel several thousand miles.

But for sure, on both sides of the Atlantic, organic products are more expensive.

e-Toile: Your business is also based on the discovery of taste as well as the potential and the desire of each to cook. To build this concept, have you been inspired by concepts like Slow food or from French initiatives like "Week of Taste"?

- * Claire Soulet and Alexandre Pollet: Often our American customers tell us "for you, it’s easy to cook, you’re French!” It’s very flattering but we have to admit that nothing is innate.

In fact, it is just that, from a very young age, we are educated to taste thanks to the "Eat and move" program, the "Week of Taste", cooking shows, many visits to the markets, programs in schools and and of course, the cooking time with the family.

Very recently, we were sensitive to the campaign "Ugly vegetables" made by the Intermarché’s stores.

Many times, we have also heard: "Do your products come from France?”
People ignore that they have diverse and delicious products in America.
For instance, we have discovered the Boniato, the dragon fruit ... And this education, we hope to be able to transmit it through our workshops open to children.

e-Toile : Indeed, in this spirit of discovery, you make workshops for children. Do you have in mind to work with associations or schools?

- * Claire Soulet and Alexandre Pollet: Absolutely! We would be happy to work with them around fruits and vegetables.
Schools can really help us on the educational part. A 4 year old child is not sensitive to the same things as a 10 year old, for example. We could consider themed weeks, visits with farmers, establishment of vegetable gardens as some already do ... a fun and educational program.
The kitchen has a real power, it goes far beyond the production of a recipe for nourishment.
It is a time to share, to laugh, and to create unforgettable memories. Who doesn’t have its "little madeleine of Marcel Proust"?

FeelGood Healthyfood
Adresse : 2365 NW 70th Avenue, Unit C18 Miami FL 33122

Interview published on Oct. 1st, 2014.

Last modified on 06/10/2014

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