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Just a few weeks before the 7th edition of the "French Weeks Miami", we gave the floor to Pascale Villet, recently appointed Executive Director of the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Miami. She takes the lead and organizes a series of events with great enthousiasm. Interview.


  • e-Toile: Pascale Villet, at the beginning of summer you took over the function of executive director of the French-American Chamber of Commerce in Miami and we would like to congratulate you. To begin, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

- Pascale Villet: Thank you very much. It is a great pleasure to have joined the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Miami.

I graduated in communication in the Sorbonne-Nouvelle of Paris, and consequently built up my career in the business tourism realm.

In the ten years in the "Business Solutions" department of Disneyland Paris, I was able to meet more than 600 clients from all industries within and organized more than 700 events.
In 2011, love led me to quit the "magic world" and made me discover the Sunshine State.

For the past three years, I worked directly with two event agencies to direct meetings and trips around the larger cities of the United States.
Today, I am happy to work in a Miami that is more dynamic than it ever was.

  • e-Toile: Along with Séverine Gianese, you are becoming the leading role in the future of the Chamber. What is your vision on your mission?

- Pascale Villet: Our mission is to contribute to building and bettering economic, commercial and financial relationships between France and the United States.

To reach this goal we facilitate the access to local economic information and to contacts of the different French and American actors.

In more precise terms, and to provide you with an example, we work a lot on the establishment of French businesses in Florida.

We also develop professional networks to be able to positively affect the sale of goods and services of both countries and to promote a better international understanding.

Last and most importantly, we engage daily to represent our member’s interests and provide them with services and visibility.

  • e-Toile: With the 7th edition of the not-to-be-missed French Weeks Miami quickly approaching, what are your priorities?

- Pascale Villet: The French know how is present throughout Florida in many industries and is diversifying more and more. Therefore, we established a program in which everyone can find what interests them.

With a calendar almost set up, we focus our attention on the sponsors in order to make a great seventh edition of the "French Weeks Miami".

"French Weeks Miami" remains a unique occasion to promote French-American businesses over more than three weeks, and with more than twenty nine different events.

We are also about to finish signing up French restaurants and cafes for the 2014 “French Spice”, as well as French beauty salons for our first edition of "French Salon & Spa".

In one week we are closing our partnership request to launch a large communication campaign.

I must admit, I look forward to revealing the program soon!

Article published on September 5, 2014.

Last modified on 05/09/2014

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