Get your soccer shoes on! The USCSA opens its doors in Miami [fr]

The US Champions Soccer Academy is a project that surfaced five months ago, led by French entrepreneur Ravy Truchot and two former professional players from Monaco (Wagneau Eloi) and from Paris Saint Germain (Eric Rabésandratana). The organization seeks to become the go-to formation center for young Floridians who dream of becoming professional soccer players.


The USCSA will offer a program of weekly courses for children 5 to 16 who wish to better themselves and reach an excellent level all year long. The players will have the unique opportunity to be trained by former professional players coming from the biggest European soccer clubs. The project is also sponsored by famous soccer personalities such as Eric Abidal, Didier Drogba and Robert Pirès.

The association is focused towards the French community primarily, given that soccer is often the first national sport. It favors European discipline, methods, and tactics.

The USCSA wishes to, over time, provide visibility for its players so that the big soccer clubs may test or even recruit the best players from the academy.

Interview with Ravy Truchot, President of the US Champions Soccer Academy


- Monsieur Truchot, bonjour… Depuis peu, vous avez ouvert une école de foot à Miami. A quels publics s’adresse-t-elle et quel type de programmes propose-t-elle ?

We aim for soccer lovers. Even though everyone is welcome, it is clear that young Europeans and South Americans are strongly associated with soccer, as it is often the first sport from their country of origin.

More precisely, our targets are children 5 to 16 that would like to learn or get better. Our concept is unique: give the opportunity to be trained by former European soccer professionals that come from the big clubs to each of our young players. Added to this is the fact that prestigious players will come regularly to speak, play and share their experience with our players.

Of course, there is also a competition component that will allow our teams to show their talent as well as participate in tournaments in Europe to confront the best.

- Miami seems to be a center of attraction for many players whether amateur, professional or ... retired. In your opinion, what are the reasons that generate this craze?

The US make the players dream because they rightly believe that there is still plenty to do here. They have this desire to have a better quality of life and want to share their experience in a field with great potential. From Thierry Henry in New York, David Beckham in Miami to the Brazilian Kaka, now in Orlando are accelerators for U.S. soccer.

- With children’s school hours ending early enough, it seems that you also study the development of after school courses even within the campuses. What are the schools you are targeting at this stage?

Yes, it is a major project on which we want to use very substantial resources. We believe that the passion for soccer starts in school. We want as many children as possible to begin to touch the ball from a young age. All schools are considered, with priority to schools with international programs.

- For those wanting to play on your field this summer, could you describe the course of the next sessions as well as the registration procedure?

After the summer camp takes place the first week of August, we will start our season August 25, 2014. Unlike American soccer clubs, we can accept players in throughout the year. You would simply pass a testing phase that allows us to see if the player has sufficient level and motivation to join us. To do so, simply contact us on our website at or send an email to

Last modified on 26/08/2014

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