In Miami Shores, a new French campus opens its doors [fr]

In Miami Shores, blooms a "new" Franco-American School. Lena McLorin Salvant, Director of the French-American School of Miami has announced the opening of a second campus.
Located in Miami Shores, 25 km north of the first establishment, the new location will welcome in August 2014 children in Preschool and Kindergarten.
Ms. McLorin Salvant explains the choice of this new location and gives us valuable information about the programs.
Of course, you can already register for the upcoming school year.


- e-Toile: Mrs. Lena McLorin Salvant, having been at the initiative of the creation of the French American School of Miami (EFAM) in 1995 and having been at its head since then, can you tell us what were the reasons for establishing the first campus in Coral Gables and which community it adresses?

- Léna McLorin-Salvant : We founded the school in 1995 with the will to offer what is, in my opinion, one of the hallmarks of French excellence: our educational system and particularly our elementary school.

Our school welcomes all families, French-speaking or not, who wish their child to receive a high quality education while learning the French language at a young age.

The presence among us, quite rare in French schools abroad, of a large majority of French students, makes our school a particularly promising and effective place to learn the French language.

Finally, the excellent programs and teachers are extremely appealing to a French audience of course, but also to families of other nationalities who are familiar with, either from personal experience or reputation, the French education system.

- e-Toile: You just announced a few days ago the opening of a second campus in Miami Shores. Is it the same motivations that led you to launch this second site?

- Léna McLorin-Salvant : Our motivations have not changed since the first campus, that is to say, the desire to offer a French-style education that promotes the dissemination of our language and our culture in this city.

In addition, EFAM having grown beyond our expectations, we wanted to respond to parents on the waiting list by opening a second campus for the new school year in August 2014.

The second campus being located north of the first, will serve a population of parents for whom traffic and distance are a serious problem.

- e-Toile: What classes are going to open this autumn 2014 and which programs are going to be taught?

- Léna McLorin-Salvant : The campus of Miami Shores will preschool and Kindergarten classes next August. The objective is to gradually open elementary levels starting in August 2015.

Operation and programs will be identical to those of our Coral Gables campus, which are the official programs of the French Ministry of Education for the French curriculum and the Florida Standards for the English program, always with the same important work of harmonization between the French and American programs.

- e-Toile: What are the characteristics of this new campus besides the fact that it is more north of Miami Dade County than the first?

- Léna McLorin-Salvant : Our goal is to keep the same operation. We will ensure that through team management and administration common to both campuses and teachers recruited in France with a common education, we can continue to guarantee at least the same quality and the same standards of excellence.

- e-Toile: Finally, what are the messages you want to convey today to parents to give them more pieces of information about the new location?

- Léna McLorin-Salvant : It is important that parents know that we are engaged in this project with the same enthusiasm and dedication and that we are available for any information. Of course, we organize already visits several times a week.

We are already seeing an increase in enrollment and we encourage parents to contact us early to reserve a place for their child.

Léna McLorin-Salvant, Directrice - Interview April 28, 2014

  • Address of the Coral Gables campus

Ecole Franco-Américaine de Miami
6565 Red Road
Coral Gables, Florida 33143
Tel: 786 268 1914
Fax: 786 268 19 41

  • Address of the Miami Shores campus

650 NE 88 Terrace à Miami Shores
Opening in August of Fall 2014, Small, Medium and Large class sections of Kindergarten.
Registration: Sébastien DHONT
Tel: 786 268 1914

Article published on April 28, 2014.

Last modified on 08/05/2014

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