The fight for the new gold: "Sand Wars" [fr]

In its "Climate Change Series Part IV", EComb, the Environmental Coalition of Miami and the Beaches, presents the French movie Sand Wars on April 9th, 2014 at the Miami Beach Cinematheque.
French producer Guillaume Rappeneau* will be attending the event.
Climate Change Series Part IV: Sand Wars Co-Hosted by the Surfrider Foundation

On Wednesday, April 9th, ECOMB’s Cinema Green Project will resume its three-month look at climate change, its importance as well as its relevance to Miami Beach and the South Florida Region with the screening of the award-winning French-produced documentary “SAND WARS”.

During Part I, II and III screenings in February and March 5 documentaries were screened addressing subjects such as ocean acidification, sea-level rise, greenhouse gases, coral bleaching and beach erosion.

On February 5th, 2014, the opening event was co-hosted by the Surfrider Foundation and the CLEO Institute, and in attendance were the City of Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco, Kate MacMillin and Juliet Pinto - the executive producer and co-producer of "South Florida Rising Seas", Dr Hal Wanless from University of Miami Geological Sciences Department.



Directed by Denis Delestrac
Produced by: Guillaume Rappeneau and Laurent Mini, 2013 - 75 min

By the end of the 21st century, beaches will be a thing of the past. That is the alarming forecast of a growing number of scientists and environmental NGOs.

Sand has become a vital commodity for our modern economies: we use it in our toothpaste, detergents, and cosmetics, and computers and mobiles couldn’t exist without it.

Our houses, skyscrapers, bridges and airports are all basically made with sand: it has become the most widely consumed natural resource on the planet after fresh water.

The worldwide construction boom fuelled by emerging economies and increasing urbanization has led to intensive sand extraction on land and in the oceans, with damaging environmental impacts.

Sand Wars takes us around the world as it tracks the contractors, sand smugglers and unscrupulous property developers involved in the new gold rush, and meets the environmentalists and local populations struggling to reverse the threat to the future of this resource that we all take for granted.


EKO Film 2013 | Sishuan TV Festival 2013 | Barcelona International Environmental | Film Festival 2013 | Japan Prize NHK 2013 | Festival du Film Vert 2014 | San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival 2014

A Q & A session is also scheduled:

Producer Guillaume Rappeneau, who will be visiting Miami for the South Florida release of Sand Wars and a Surfrider Foundation expert on beach Renourishment – via Skype .

Producer - Rappi Productions

Rappi Productions is a film production company created by Guillaume Rappeneau. The company is originally partnering with producer and director Charles-Antoine de Rouvre and joining talents with Société Ideo Clean, publisher of the prestigious monthly magazine Technikart. Guillaume Rappeneau comes from the media industry. He has managed the marketing and advertisement departments in La Cinq, Paris Match and Technikart. Strong with its experience an its team of highly talented journalists, Rappi Productions is specializing in creating high standard documentaries which observe, analyze and shed light on the most appealing facets of our society as literature, music, contemporary art, society, politics, new technology, urban trends, sociology, philosophy and fashion, and has produced documentaries for France 4, Jimmy, Planète, Vivolta, TCM, Paris Première, Téva and Arte.


Special welcome by the City of Miami Beach Sustainability Committee Chair and Flooding Mitigation Committee Vice-Chair Commissioner Michael Grieco.

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 | 7 PM
Location: Miami Beach Cinematheque, 1130 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, Fl

For photo and interview opportunities please contact Luiz Rodrigues (ECOMB) directly at 305.534.3825,

Article published March 31, 2014.

Last modified on 01/04/2014

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