Strong French presence during the Cruise Shipping Miami 2014 [fr]

The French presence at the "Cruise Shipping Miami" in 2014

The 30th edition of "Cruise Shipping Miami" in 2014 confirms the the cruising world’s strong attraction to the fair, which hosts major international industry players.

Representatives of French chambers of commerce, large French ports and tourist offices from the Hexagon as well as overseas regions responded to the call.

These key partners from the maritime and tourism sectors were numerous in the pavillion outfitted by Atout France.

At the heart of the Caribbean village, representatives of the regions of Guadeloupe (interviews) and Martinique were also present. French Polynesia, as well as many French companies were also represented.

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Atout France, the agency for the promotion of tourism in France, put together this huge "Cruise Shipping Miami" operation which was held from March 10 to 13, 2014 in Miami Beach.

Numerous French exhibitors inlcuded:

- Participants from the Provence -Alpes- Côte d’ Azur (PACA) region: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Marseille Provence ( CCIMP ) present alongside authorities of the Port of Marseille Fos , the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Var, responsible for promoting the activities of the Port of Toulon and the network of 10 ports of call for Var, the Chamber of commerce and Industry Nice Côte d’ Azur representing the ports of the Riviera next to the tourist office of Saint Tropez as well as the companies ’Provence Wines’ and ’Union Wines’;

- Ports of southern France such as the port of Sète or Southern France Development group supporting companies Languedoc- Roussillon in developing their import-export abroad;

- The Chamber of Commerce and Territorial Industry of Bastia and the Upper Corsica Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ajaccio and Southern Corsica as well as representatives of the ports of Ajaccio and Southern Corsica , Bastia ports and Corsica Cruise Club;

-  The ports which face the Atlantic, including Nantes-Saint Nazaire;
-  Rail Europe as the official representative of the European rail network.

At the 130 m2 stand of Atout France, cruise industry professionals were greeted with wine tastings, mainly from Provence and Languedoc Roussillon, a sign of hospitality and invitation for a trip to France …

As in previous years, the regions of Guadeloupe and Martinique had the option to host their destinations at the heart of the Caribbean village.

French Polynesia, and many OEMs and French companies were also represented at the show in 2014. Among them were Bureau Veritas and the Humann & Taconet agency, specialized in maritime transport.

In the presence of Kanelle Valton, responsible in Miami for the cooperation between Florida and Guadeloupe, Olivier Bernard Michel, Director of Home division, Cruises and Boating, and of the Tourism Committee of the islands of Guadeloupe has answered our questions (interview).

At their exposition, the winners of the annual competition launched by the hotel school at Gosier showed us the project that earned them a place in the famous Miami show (interview).


Interview with Mr. Olivier-Bernard Michel

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Olivier-Bernard Michel, Kanelle Valton
Picture: Olivier-Bernard Michel, Director and Kanelle Valton, Cooperation Officer Guadeloupe-Florida in Miami

Questions addressed to Mr. Michel:

e-toile: Good morning Mr. Olivier-Bernard Michel, as the Director of Home Division and of Cruising and Sailing, you represent at the Miami international fair of cruising the committee of tourism of Guadeloupe islands. Could you possibly acquaint us with the large delegation that accompanies you and highlight some of the important appointments you have settled?

Olivier-Bernard Michel: The islands of Guadeloupe are indeed well represented at this 2014 cruising exhibition in Miami with a 400 sqft stand in the middle of Caribbean Village.
To highlight the assets of our country to the decision-makers of cruise destinations, a large delegation is indeed present in Florida for this week and its members are:

  • Mr. Jean-Michel Penchard, President of the Cruise Commission of the Tourism Committee,
  • Mr. Marc Gautier, Commercial Director of the Port,
  • Mr. Jérome Siobud, Sales manager of the airport,
  • Mr. Jean-Bruno Quedray, Manager of Tropical Tour,
  • Mr. Fabio Grazzioli, representing the Navimar Cruises society,
  • Mr. Vincent Moyon, responsible for the SGCM society (Shipping Agent)
  • Mr.Gérard Petreluzzi, responsible for the Petrel Shipping society (Another Shipping Agent),
  • Mrs. Jennifer Arron, in charge of tourism development and cruise products for the Basse-Terre Tourism Committee.
  • Mrs. Claudy Carabin of the Petite Maille society in charge of animation on the stand
  • As well as two students of the Lycée des Métiers de l’Hotellerie et du Tourisme, who are “ Archipel Guadeloupe” winners of the 2014 contest on proposals for new excursions.”

e-toile: Speaking of “Cruise Shipping Miami”2014, Guadeloupe chose to have its stand at the center of the Caribbean Village. If the Caribbean destination for cruises remains a sure bet, what assets can set the Guadeloupe archipelago apart from her neighbours?

Olivier- Bernard Michel: Being that the Guadeloupe region is an archipelago, it possesses a major asset: the ability to offer a multi-destination.
On the one hand, the offer extended to cruise lines is diversified with the reception of large vessels at Point-a-Pitre, two per day, boats of medium size at Basse-Terre, one ship per day, and more upscale boats of smaller units are received at Saintes and Marie-Galante, three boats per each destination.

On the Other hand, cruise lines are given the opportunity to offer a wide range of activities at short transportation times. The options offered are greatly varied and also diversified in terms of schedule.
On the menu are offered excursions to the beach, water sports for half a day or a full day, as well as ecotourism activities for lovers of trekking and canyoning.

Our major asset therefore lies at the heart of this close proximity, cruise lines in fierce competition are very attentive to these different opportunities they could offer directly on their ships destined for a wider clientele. Customers satisfied with their destination stops are customers satisfied with their cruises, our strength, therefore, is in this diversified offer suitable for different types of cruise passengers.

e-toile: In January, the Caribjournal reported a 2013 jump in the number of American visits to Guadeloupe. They noted that thanks to American Airlines’ direct flights from Miami to Point-a-Pitre, a growth of 22% had been registered. Additionally, a growth of 81% in cruise ship visits had also been recorded. Do you confirm these excellent numbers and are the announced projections nearly as good?

Olivier-Bernard Michel: The numbers are actually in good shape but it should be noted that the clientele travelling to Guadeloupe is essentially European.
In 2013, it was thus 80,000 people who took the route towards the archipelago on a cruise ship. Among them, it is important to note that 27,000 were German and 16,000 British and these numbers are on the rise. The projections for 2014 announce for instance the visit of 18,000 British. These tourists board large ships.
The American clientele of high end travels on smaller ships.

e-toile: To work in this way, do you provide communication and marketing tools specific to the American public? Similarly do you create or customize your sales and tourist proposals for cruise passengers?

Olivier-Bernard Michel: We create marketing and communication products only for professionals, with two distinct targets:

  • The first is composed of the heads of cruise line companies,
  • The second concerns travel agents.
    To go meet these professionals, I will be going to the cruise trade fair, this other exhibition that will take place this upcoming April in Fort Lauderdale!

Contacts :
Olivier-Bernard MICHEL
Directeur Pôle Accueil, Croisière et Nautisme
Comité du Tourisme des îles de Guadeloupe
5 Square de la Banque BP 555,
97166 Pointe-à-Pitre

Interview with Misses Clerc and Lapin

JPEG - 28.6 kb
Jennifer Arron, Tamara Clerc, Sophie Lapin
Picture: Jennifer Arron, Tourism Development, Basse-Terre along with the two laureates of the competition Tamara Clerc and Sophie Lapin

On the Guadeloupean platform, two winners of the hotel contest of Gosier were also able to present their project, their interview is available below.

e-toile: Sophie and Tamara, you are both students of BTS at the hotel school of Gosier, could you first tell us about this contest that you won hands down and then give us an outline of your proposal?

Sophie and Tamara: This contest, titled “ Challenge Accueil Croisière” is annual and rewards innovative ideas. The theme this year was the discovery of traditional Guadeloupean gastronomy.

We both put a lot of thought into it, starting with this traditional data and ending with two options corresponding to the different types of cruises welcomed in the archipelago.

For the cruise passengers making a stop at Pointe à Pitre who’ve travelled aboard big vessels, we decided to go for a family-friendly approach with what we titled “Didikoko, les pieds dans l’eau”.
Through this angle, we make an affordable offer that combines discovery and activities in one afternoon. This enables families to discover the Didikoko: a sorbet based off local fruits, which they get to make themselves and of course enjoy once finished. The activity would take place right on the beach providing fun and relaxation. Thanks to the support of local craftmen, we were able to test our project full- scale and the results ended up quite positive.

The second proposal we made was to offer an excursion, lasting a full day, to travellers arriving in Basse-Terre. The excursion would be composed of three parts with first on the list a visit to a Rum distillery, followed by another to a candy factory and finally a dinner during which the tourists will learn to prepare their very own Guadeloupean meal.

These two proposals aimed at different audiences with different prices and schedules rest on a strong partnership with local craftsmen fluent in English. This enables us to reach a wider clientele corresponding to market tendencies.

e-toile: You were able to certainly present this project during the “Cruise Shipping Miami 2014” exhibit…

Sophie and Tamara: Absolutely and we had to present it in both English and French which was a great experience for us. We thus spoke to cruise lines representatives and other professionals. It was for us a great opportunity and today our most cherished wish besides receiving our BTS at the end of this school year, is to see our projects put into action… Afterwards, we will resume our studies in innkeeping and tourism while putting forth this first accomplishment!

Article published March 31, 2014.

Last modified on 03/04/2014

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