The Gide Project Sarasota: a series of events [fr]

To celebrate the book’s centenary, The Gide Project Sarasota is bringing a series of events, featuring leading Gide scholars from around the world, to Sarasota from March 1st to March 25th, 2014.
The event is sponsored by New College of Florida, Selby Public Library and the Alliance Française de Sarasota, who also organized last year’s popular and successful “Proust Project Sarasota.”


Jocelyn Van Tuyl, professor of French at New College and a lead organizer of the Gide Project, said Gide was the leading contemporary intellectual in France for some 50 years, even as literary movements changed around him. He founded the renowned journal “La Nouvelle Revue Française,” and won the Nobel Prize in 1947.

During his long career, Van Tuyl said, Gide demonstrated multiple styles and talents, from lyrical, back-to-nature writing to in-depth psychological analyses, from experimental fiction to political and social commentary. He also was a devoted student of music, who practiced piano for hours each day.

“He could write gorgeous, symbolist prose poetry, and he could write devastating essays about France’s practices in its African colonies,” Van Tuyl said. “He was a strong voice for saying what was going on in the colonies, the treatment of indigenous people, was terrible.”

An interesting aside: Gide even put his vast knowledge of literature to use in occupied France during World War II.
He would craft essays on fiction and poetry that could escape censors while carrying encoded messages urging fellow citizens to resist German occupiers and the Nazi-collaborating Vichy government.

The Gide Project Sarasota will explore a range of aspects from “Lafcadio’s Adventures.”

Open the program below to discover the events:

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The Gide project Sarasota: the program
(PDF - 625.2 kb)

For more info, please contact the Alliance française of Sarasota at 941-955-0700 or log on to

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Article published Feb. 12, 2014.

Last modified on 13/02/2014

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