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Yann Rio has worked with the best before opening his own restaurants in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. He just opened an establishment on Coral Way, a restaurant in which he has recreated one of his already developed and successful concepts in Montpellier: an elegant decoration, and fine, modern dining where quality is decidedly an essential value. Interview below.


E-Toile: You had the opportunity to work in kitchens which are considered the most prestigious in France, what have you learned and drawn from these places which were starred by the guide Michelin?

- Yann Rio: Yes, indeed I have worked in the most beautiful places with many great chefs in France.

I thus practiced at the Sofitel, in Paris starred by the guide Michelin , with Chef Martial Enguehard named Best worker of France and Yannick Alleno, at the Hotel de Crillon, I worked with Chef Eric Frechon and Christian Constant, Master cook of France, at the Pré Catelan also in Paris and starred by 2 "macarons" by the guide Michelin where I worked with Chef Roland Durant and Olivier Brulard, both Best workers of France.

I also rubbed shoulders with Bernard Loiseau at Saulieu (awarded 3 stars by the Guide Michelin) as well as Jacques Cagna whose Parisian restaurant was also starred by the famous guide.
Additionally, I had the opportunity to work as a Chef at the restaurant Spicy in Paris, the Arrière-pays and the restaurant L’avenue also in Paris.

In 2001, I opened my restaurant Le Sequoia at Montpellier, which was very quickly registered in many guides and in the Guide Michelin!

In 2008, I created the concept “Naturella bio fooding”, a high-end sandwich shop offering bio products, and in 2010, I opened the brasserie O Flore.

I learned so much from these different places, first and foremost the strictness thanks to these great Chefs, and second the expertise.
I also refined my technical knowledge and my love for the beauty of products and learned to be creative.

Those years left me with an essential value: to always do my best in any circumstance.
From that, came the name of my restaurant in Miami titled "Nothing but the best" which I just recently opened.

The heart of this establishment is to satisfy our clientele the best we can, whether it be in the quality of the food or the service.

e-Toile: You had three restaurants in France, can you tell us in which cities they were and entice us with the concepts they proposed?

-  Yann Rio: My restaurants were situated in Montpellier, in the Languedoc Roussillon region.

I had developed totally different concepts for each establishment, but they all had one thing in common: quality.

Le Séquoia stayed open during 10 years; it was a restaurant with modern gastronomy and a decor out of the norm, consisting of two large dining rooms and a large terrace, it overlooked a lake.

For 10 years, this restaurant was recognized as one of the best establishments of the region and recompensed by all the gastronomic guides in France, including the Michelin Guide.

As for Naturella, it subscribed to the concept of an organic sandwich eatery, developed for a more active and pressed for time clientele while promoting the product quality of small, independent organic produce farmers.
Its decoration was completely innovative, as of 2008, it was one of the first restaurants in France to have a vertical garden of more than 50 square meters.

The restaurant O Flore was a contemporary brasserie based on a unique concept: we worked without a menu and only with the products available daily at the produce market. Every day, my team created 3 starters, 3 main courses, and 3 desserts.

e-Toile: Why did you decide to open a restaurant in Miami, so far from your first establishments, and most specifically in the south of the United States?

-  Yann Rio: I always wanted to install myself in the United States.

I went to work for the first time in Los Angeles in 1995 at L’orangerie, a gourmet French restaurant. Then, in 1998, I worked in Washington DC in a restaurant called El Catalan right next to the White House.

After these experiences, I always entertained the idea of installing my own business here in the U.S.

Miami is a lovely, cosmopolitan city with a cultural diversity that makes it easier for foreigners to settle.
The style of my restaurant corresponds perfectly to this city with its fusion cuisine of many flavors.

I feel good in this city and my family likes it as well, it was a common choice for us and it represents a complete lifestyle change.

e-Toile: How did you define the type of cuisine you prepare at this new restaurant, and does it differ from what you proposed at your French tables ?

- Yann Rio: The style of cuisine offered at “Nothing but the best” is exactly the same as that of Le Séquoia in France.
Actually, a lot of my French clients have contacted me to congratulate me and a great part of them have decided to take vacations in Miami in order to “come back” and eat at their favorite French restaurant.
I find that amazing.

The cuisine at “Nothing but the best” is a French cuisine of great creativity in terms of the products I that find and embellish with flavors I discover, offering a subtle mix of new flavors and plate decorations sought to showcase our culture of the good and the beautiful.

We also worked a lot on the prices of this new restaurant in order to offer what I think is the best value for your money. Thus, the first price of a bottle of wine is established at 26$ and the glass at 8$.

Yann Rio - Nothing but the Best
TEL:305 858 2525

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Article published Jan.14, 2014.

Last modified on 16/01/2014

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