Two new faces of customs services in Miami [fr]

Meet Sylvie Avril Sanford, assistant deputy to the customs attaché and Rodolphe Gautreau, Deputy Customs Attaché both whom arrived in Miami in September 2013. They represent the customs department in the consulate and will work with the new system of rebate PABLO.

Since September, Ms. Avril-Sanford and Mr. Gautreau have taken over the reins of the Department and its numerous activities covering a large part of the US territory and also the Caribbean in direct collaboration with the French Embassy to the US.

They will now introduce themselves as well as the innovation known as PABLO, a terminal for your tax refunds by computer: a simple and fast system!

- e-toile : Mr. Gautreau, you previously served as La Rochelle Region customs chief, why did you decide to join us in Miami?

JPEGRodolphe Gautreau: After several years as Head of the department against fraudulent activity in Paris and in La Rochelle, I wanted to give an international dimension to my career. This was a professional but also personal choice as my wife and my children are with me in Miami.

New framework, new contacts, but also new missions (economic missions, representing the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, relations with our American and Caribbean counterparts). For me, this is a very great challenge ahead.

- e-toile: As for you Avril Sanford, South Florida is far from being new to you since you’ve worked in Miami for several years. Why did you want to come back to the peninsula?

JPEGSylvie Avril-Sanford : I actually know the position and the area very well, this is why when the opportunity presented itself, I decided to return and help the new attache into its new functions and assist in the identification of its American counterparts.

- e-toile : The image of customs is still very attached to the border while your missions far beyond the physical location. Can you tell us about your missions and your daily work?

Rodolphe Gautreau: The office of Miami is in charge of the economic missions along with the Washington DC office, but it is also geared towards institutional and operational exchanges with our American partners and those North of the Caribbean.

- e-toile: French nationals coming to the United States as well as those looking to settle in France or in Europe for short or long periods of time often have questions regarding their choices.
What tips can you give them?

Rodolphe Gautreau: First, it is necessary to differentiate the people who are moving to the United States from those returning to live in France.

Indeed, our Department cannot be a substitute to U.S. Customs when it comes to inquiring about a private facility or even business in the United States.
At best, we can provide contact U.S. Customs if required.

However, in the case of a move to France, our services are able to advise or guide interlocutors to good customs service. In general, a number of questions can be answered simply by visiting the French Customs website

- e-toile: A web terminal known as PABLO will on 1 January 2014 become the essential tool for tax refunds. Can you tell us about this remote procedure and what it changes?

PABLO-I can digitize the paper slip and manual date stamp on the document when passing through the customs office of exit.

When getting ready to leave European Union territory, the International resident simply validates the bar code in PABLO terminal.

The electronic visa is proof of exemption from TVA and gives the possibility of an immediate refund.

Electronic validation slip allows the merchant to be informed in real time of the output of goods and promptly refund the TVA to his customer.

35 terminals are currently in use on French territory, including 16 distributed in Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport.

To summarize, PABLO is a simplified approach to the resident of a third country in the European Union

o Visa paperless customs to get faster (less waiting in airport);
o Optimized repayment of TVA;


A vos bornes!

Article published on November 13, 2013

Last modified on 14/11/2013

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