Design and industry join forces to innovate: First edition of the Industry and Design Summit in Nantes

For the first edition of the Industry and Design Summit, the think tank First Circle and the agency Le Public Système put together some big names in the industry and design, two areas of competitiveness factors and growth
activity in France.

If the industry is about 18% of French GDP, the turnover of design in France remains unclear: between 3.6 and 7.1 billion euros for a sector which represents more than 30,000 designers.


Restart the Marketplace of Ideas

For the organizers, the goal is to allow the French industry to regain its inventiveness. Indeed, at the time of the industrial revolution, notably marked by the birth of the automobile and the train and the rise of the textile industry, France was at the forefront of innovation. "France has significant intangible assets, based on creativity, taste, adaptability, and reaction,” explains Frédéric Bedin, director of the agency Le Public Système. “We must build on our strengths.” And France does not lack in such.

From Seb to Vélib

Just like Seb, some manufacturers have already recognized the need to combine industry and design. The appliance manufacturer has been able to serve its technology a unique ergonomic anticipating user requests.

Which earned him to be number one in China, with the pressure cooker or the concept of cooking without oil.

At Airbus, Yann Barbaux, head of Innovation at a european manufacturer, will explain how the group worked on the environments in aircraft, through design. With the desire to give greater peace of mind for passengers, fight
against stress and improve comfort parameters.

"Good design is the result of a dialogue between users, uses, and the company," says designer Jean-Louis Fréchin.

This is also what has been successful in building dialogue and JCDecaux designers Vélib has become a case study in the famous MIT institute in the United States. "The alliance between a display, a planner, an engineer and a bike manufacturer has designed an object that has revolutionized the landscape of cities and mobility patterns," says Frédéric Bedin.

Large Group of SMEs

All industries can bet on the design to launch new lines or new products. "The French products (...) often intelligent and efficient, but too often sad and less desirable,” says Jean-Louis Fréchin. "We have a legitimacy and strengths in lifestyle and luxury industries, it is important to place this part of our culture in the products of each of our SMEs regardless of industry. "

All panels must also gather large groups and SMEs, as TMC Innovation, specializing in public lighting, or Bel’M company manufacturing doors, as well as designers. Among the topics covered: integration of design in the same business organization, the role of design in innovation and the challenges of this design/industry association.

In total, in early September, more than 500 people are expected to Nantes, a city that is both industrial and innovative. "Lacking only some big American or Asian names yet advanced in the field, but steeped in the culture of permanent secrecy," says Patrice Cros, head of First Circle.

Also invited are students of either design or law of intellectual property, and of politics, as the Minister of Productive Recovery, Arnaud Montebourg. According to Jean-Louis Fréchin, "the State also has a symbolic and national role to play as host and ambassador of these ambitions."

Article published on September 6, 2013

Last modified on 05/09/2013

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