The tremendous success of a French racehorse trainer in the United States

Christophe Clement is a racehorse trainer living in Florida with his wife and two children. As one of the greatest coaches in the United States, many owners entrust their horses to him and Mr. Clement leads them to victory. Portrait of a Frenchman with a great career.


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e-Toile: Christophe Clement, you are a trainer of race horses in the United States. Your stables are in Payson Park in Martin County, Florida. Why did you choose Florida to settle down?

“The American Dream!”
Remaining at the highest level of competition depends of the quality of a training center.
Our family has the privilege of working in Florida at Payson Park, in one of the best centers in the United States.

Senior professionals gather in a beautiful and natural settings with an ideal climate for horses. They are prepared to run at Calder or Gulfstream Park and some racers will be invited far away: Hong Kong, Dubai, or even Japan according to their level.


Copyrights Christophe Clement Racing Stable, Inc

e-Toile: Growing up in the world of horses and choosing to make its career in it: is it a “natural” path?

This passion appeared to Christophe Clement very young states his wife, Valérie Clément, and this is certainly a great force.
It was by watching our son Miguel Clement who, after graduating from Duke University, chose the “Darley Flying Program”, business school of the racing industry, that we (Mr and Ms Clement) rediscover our approach 30 years ago!
Like us, our son will travel the world for two years in the world of racing horses.

e-Toile: Many of the horses trained by CC stable won great victories. What is the best memory of the team?

Every race is a test and each win is a great pleasure…

The most famous horse in the world of horse racing is Gio Ponti, for winning three “Eclipse Awards” during his career. He is now stallion between Kentucky and Australia.

CC Stables have known a lot of great moments of races!

We thank the owners of the horses we train for their trust over the past 20 years and our team for their dedication and performance year after year.

e-Toile: What are the future projects of CC stable and objectives for the coming year?

Win races! Always win races!

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Article published June 26, 2013.

Last modified on 27/06/2013

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