Cinema Paradiso showcases fourth annual Eurochannel short films tour

During summer time, there is one thing that most people tend to do during this popular season: travel. What if you could explore a popular continent like Europe, without having to spend money on typically expensive plane tickets? Until June 25th, Cinema Paradiso will be making this possible thanks to the fourth annual Eurochannel short films tour, with a comedic theme.


There will be a total of eight films, with the specific dates of the films being the 17th, 18th, the 24th, and the 25th of June, with other films, not a part of the showcase, being shown in between.

The following titles will be showcased:

  • Smile, Camera, Action
  • Family Business
  • Life Is Sweet
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Life is a Dream
  • Everything You Wanted to Know about Europe but Were Too Afraid to
  • Ask
  • Lost in Europe
  • Risky Business

An interesting element to these films is that although one may initially assume that each film will focus on a specific country, upon reading the synopsis for these films, you notice that you are essentially given a European tour, with just one of the films, let alone all of them.

The movie "Smile, Camera, Action," for example, covers Portugal, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, and Sweden.

There’s a different storyline presented for each country in the film, too. In Italy, for example, two brothers working at a funeral parlour find a lottery ticket on one of the deceased persons.

The last movie of the showcase, Risky Business, covers Germany, Malta, Serbia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and Slovakia.

In Germany, two young men who are obsessed with filmmaking try to win at as many film festivals as possible.

The films are free to members of the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, and general admissions as well as senior citizen and student tickets are all $5.
Feel free to bring your friends and family and enjoy a global voyage from the comfort of a theater.

For more information about the showtimes for the films, please visit

If you would like to know more about Eurochannel, their history and their films, their website is

Cinema Paradiso

503 SE 6th Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 525-3456

Dates: June 17-18 and June 24-25

Article published on June 17, 2013

Last modified on 20/06/2013

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