Frédéric Lefebvre, elected to represent French abroad at the French National Assembly

French citizens living in France and in Canada have elected Frédéric Lefebvre as their Representative to the French National Assembly during an election, whose second round took place June 8, 2013.

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JPEGFrédéric Lefebvre was born on October 14, 1963 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. He is a Parisian lawyer who started in politics as a General Secretary for the RPR party at Paris’ Council in 1986.

The following year, he worked for Jacques Chaban-Delmas who was the National Assembly’s President at the time. In 1988, he is appointed as his Parliamentary assistant.
After being the Garches Mayor’s Deputy, Frédéric Lefebvre works with Nicolas Sarkozy as a Parliamentary Attaché and then as his Deputy Chief of staff.

In May 2002, as an Advisor in charge of the relations with Parliamentary members, he still works with Nicolas Sarkozy who is back then the Minister Economy and Finances.
Some months later, he is appointed Chief of Staff of the party’s Presidency; in 2007, he joins Nicolas Sarkozy’s team electoral campaign. After the election of Nicolas Sarkozy, he became the National Secretary of the UMP in charge of Economy, Finances and New technologies.

Starting in July 2007, Frédéric Lefebvre is the Representative of the 10th district of the Hauts-de-Seine and is designated in 2008 as the Spokesperson of the UMP political party.
After leaving the National Assembly in 2009, he takes oath as a French lawyer in Paris and on November 2010, he is nominated as the Trade minister by Prime Minister François Fillon.

As the Trade minister, he chairs and attends the 1st the first World Symposium of Advisors for Foreign Trade of France, which took place in Miami in February 2012.

After the invalidation of the 2011 elections by the French Constitutional Council, new elections were conducted for the French citizens living in the United –States and Canada in May and June 2013; they casted their votes for Frédéric Lefebvre who is now the newly “Deputé” or Parlement member of the French living in North America.

Article published on June 12, 2013.

Last modified on 13/06/2013

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