A musical opening for a new petanque and bocce ball court in Tallahassee

A new course of petanque and bocce ball opens in Tallahassee on Friday, June 14 at 17h and you are invited to a tournament followed by an inauguration concert. The quartet Tyler Clibbon Jazz will be performing starting at 9pm but beer and French wine will be served throughout the evening and the winners will be rewarded! Nicolas Wienders, one of the organizers supporting the project, talks to us about this first event. Next Thursdays to come, you will be able to enjoy beautiful evenings of films at the heart of the Florida capital as well!


e-Toile: The opening of the new petanque and bocce ball court in Tallahassee will take place Friday, June 14, 2013 at 5 pm. Who is behind this project and how did it takes place?

Nicolas Wienders: I started talking about the project last year with Dan Wester of Fermentation Lounge.

I think the idea was put into my head by Philippe Boets of “Petanque America " who I met last year in Jacksonville during the "Commemorate 450" ceremonies. But nothing was really successful.

More recently, Ely Mathes, owner and manager of "The Grain" and "All Saints Hop Yard", took over the project and built the court.

He tells me at the moment that he has always been fan of these sports (petanque and Bocce ball) and that they are also very suitable for this unique place what is the Hop Yard.

Ely found various needed materials, as gravel, sands, and built the court during the last weekends with Patrick O’Donnell.

e-Toile: Are these sports famous in Tallahassee?

Nicolas Wienders: There was a time when there was a very active league in Tallahassee at the restaurant "My father and I"which had two courts.
But since the sale of the restaurant (2007) there was nothing anymore…

About Bocce Ball, Tallahassee Italian clubs organize tournaments from time to time... I meet them only sporadically.

Now the goal is that our two leagues meet at the same place.

e-Toile: How many people do you expect for the opening, and how often do you plan to organize these friendly and sporting events?

Nicolas Wienders: The court will be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 6 pm and 9 pm.
The bar will serve French wines and beers.

There will be concert every Friday at 9 pm and outdoor movies on Thursdays at 9 pm.

All Saints Hop Yard
453 All Saints St, Tallahassee, FL 32301

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Article published June 13, 2013.

Last modified on 14/06/2013

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