The French-American Chamber of Commerce of Miami: 30 Years of Service to Local Businesses

The organization for the promotion and economic development of Miami, better known by the acronym FACC Miami, will celebrate their 30th anniversary in the Biltmore Hotel on Thursday, May 16th 2013. The festivities thus announced, both plentiful and diverse, will shine a light on the main players, i.e. local businesses, as one among them will be receiving le Prix d’Innovation during this gala night.


The annual gala night, taking place on May 16th , will be arranged in accordance with a distinctive tone, as this year also marks three decades of action and service that will be celebrated.

If the organization, also member of the UCCIFE, has been rooted in the local landscape for a long time, it is easy to see that its activities have expanded in recent years to begin, in November, a program so significant that it is without equal following the creation of “French Week Miami” and whose success has won FACC Miami a sixth edition titled “French Weeks”.

It is probably no coincidence that 2013 foresees more than thirty social and cultural events—and, of course, a number of events that will be economically focused by nature.

Despite the strength of FACC Miami being particularly visible in the fall, its actions themselves are not seasonal. In fact, the reality is quite the contrary, as FACC Miami leans on a number of recently launched professional committees, the organization manages to invigorate a majority of economic sectors represented in South Florida.

The following details the six sector-specific committees, with their respective jurisdictions, that constitute and coordinate, the different actions of the Chamber. The FACC likewise maintains a direct connection with the current affairs of the respective different business sectors.

- YEE: organized by, and to the benefit of, local young entrepreneurs
- CADRE, primarily focused on the concerns of property and design
- LMCA, principally concerned with the industries of luxury goods, media, and arts
- HR, focuses on the recruitment and employment process for local professionals
- FOOD and WINE, open to members of the restaurant industry, in addition to being open to members of the wine and liquors industry
- LIFESTYLE, invites professionals of the beauty and fashion industry
- AEROSPACE, the last committee to date, pertains to the aviation and aeronautics industry

In 2012, new members to the organization multiplied, as the management of FACC Miami announced a tripling in the number of members (boasting more than 300 members to date), as members find something that suits them from their first steps in the organization.

2012 also witnessed the establishment of two forums. The first, dedicated to the issue of employment, came into being last August. The second forum is dedicated to assistance in settlement and establishment. Other forums have also followed this example on a quarterly schedule. Establishment shows will also be provided four times a year.

There are additional services provided for to local businesses and enterprises:

- Recruitment procedure services ever-increasingly turn in the direction of the employment service present at the heart of the organization—a service that is especially rich ever since FACC Miami, in partnership with their counterpart in New York, facilitated the realization of applications for the U.S. J-1 visa (included the International Volunteer Program).

- Services for businesses undergoing the research and exploration phase, for which the Chamber offers, among other services, professional meetings and facilitating connections with local professionals

- Services are not yet available for locals with the possibility of a registered postal address in their premises…

If the local dimension is naturally privileged by the linkage of members with entrepreneurs and professionals of the American continent, both North and South, then the European dimension is not neglected by this quasi-systematic partnership with events produced by their European peers.

And does this work?

If the schedule of events and portfolio services are both broadly diversified and expanded, the effect is that the budget of the Chamber will also be expanded, as the Director of the Chamber stated in 2012—the income of the latter was simply multiplied by three!

Bravo and happy birthday!

Gala of FACC Miami 2013
  • When
    Thursday May 16, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM EDT
  • Where : Biltmore Hotel, 1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Article published on May 7, 2013.

Last modified on 08/05/2013

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