In North Florida, the Ambassador promotes innovation and highlights rich Franco-Floridian relations

On the 25th and 26th of April, the Ambassador of France to the United States arrived in Jacksonville, and thereafter traveled to Tallahassee and Gainesville—three visits that emphasize the richness of the Franco-Floridian connection, thus woven after 450 years by a visit to Fort Caroline (established in the 16th century by Jean Ribault). These historic visits on behalf of the Ambassador are representative of the present state of Franco-Floridian relations and prepare our interconnected future.

Consequently, in Jacksonville, Francois Delattre thus inaugurated the new headquarters for Buffet Group USA—the second largest global manufacturer of musical wind instruments—prior to meeting the local decision-makers and stakeholders of the recently established production plant for a new generation of Saft batteries.

The past and present were correspondingly united and represented in the heart of the Floridian capital; the Ambassador of France extended his gratitude to six American veterans for their valiant fight alongside France sixty-nine years ago during World War II and, moreover, officially launched the "French Caucus" that carries the aim of expanding Franco-Floridian relations.

The following day in Gainesville, the prevalent theme of the day was French innovation. Later, he visited the institute of nanotechnologies and had the opportunity to share the pride of newly newly graduated students by attending their "Commencement ceremony" at University of Florida.


Ambassador of France to the U.S., François Delattre, and Paul Astleford of "Visit Jacksonville"

Articles published May 2, 2013.

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