In Gainesville, French Ambassador promotes innovation

On Friday April 26th, 2013, Ambassador Delattre traveled to the University of Florida in Gainesville, where he gave a speech about France’s history of and commitment to innovation, especially through cooperation with American companies and institutions.

To his public of students, professors and leaders, Ambassador Delattre focused on the importnace of fostering innovation, from the most basic research to consumer products which is a priority for the French government.
Innovation-based growth is a key response to the current economic crisis stated the Ambassador, adding that in France, "we believe that both the private sector and the government are essential to fostering innovation." Therefore, he explained "our goal is first to make sure that France remains an attractive marketplace for entrepreneurs and innovative businesses, and second to allow our government to be a strategist that will drive innovation in key sectors."

He toured the University of Florida’s nanotechnology research center as well as its France-Florida Research Institute, dedicated to promoting cultural exchanges and academic partnerships between French and U.S. institutions.

Before leaving, Amb.Delattre helped honor the accomplishments of University of Florida students by distributing diplomas during the school’s graduation ceremony.


Speech of the French Ambassador, François Delattre, during the "Commencement ceremony" at University of Florida


Ambassador Delattre exchanges with UF Nanoscale Research Facility’s team

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