French heritage in Florida: French Ambassador at Fort Caroline

April 25-26 2013, Ambassador François Delattre traveled to northern Florida in a dynamic visit that was marked by a series of events honoring French-American partnership.

On Thursday April 25, after touring Jacksonville offices of the French-owned wind instrument manufacturer Buffet Group USA and the $200-million manufacturing plant of the French battery producer Saft, he visited Fort Caroline, the first French settlement established established in 1564 exactly, in the today United-States of America. On this occasion, Amb. Delattre paid tribute to the longstanding ties connecting the two countries.

About the 450th Anniversary of French Presence in Florida

A year ago, began the celebration of the 450th Anniversary of French presence in Florida. In the spring of 1562, the first French expedition that landed in Florida was led by Jean Ribault and with the help of the Mocama-speaking Timucuan Indians
Fort Caroline was founded on June 30th, 1564. This was the first French settlement on American soil, near what is today the city of Jacksonville.

The anniversary celebrations started on May 1st, 2012 and will continue through 2015. They will include touring the exhibitions of various museums, a major conference in partnership with UF, the inclusion of Florida’s French Heritage on the Department of State website and the publication of a brochure on the history of France in Florida.


From left to right: Ft. Caroline National Memorial Park Superintendent Barbara Goodman, Ambassador of France to the U.S., François Delattre, Joanelle Mulrain, 450th anniversary of French presence in Florida volunteer and FFFA board member

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