Interview with Christian Louis: French Designer and Master Perfumer

To commemorate the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the State of Florida, Parisian Master Perfumer Christian Louis launches the perfume “Viva Florida”—a celebration of the state’s five centuries of history.


- Christian Louis, greetings and thank you for responding to our questions on the occasion of the launch of this unique perfume—“Viva Florida”—glorifying the past 500 years of history of the State with which we all are familiar today. Could you privilege us in knowing what are those scents that you have chosen for the development of your perfume?

The orange of Guineau-Bissau, mandarins from Sicily, citrus clementines from Corsica, Vetiver from Haiti, Tonka Bean Absolute from Latin America, cloves from India …Ylang Ylang from Mayotte, and geranium roses from the Island of Reunion. The scents are composed of 92% essential oils and 8% chemicals.

- You are, Christian Louis, widely known for giving most importance to those fragrances endowed with accents from the 19th century. Is it your interest for perfumes that possess a “historical” character what led you to create this anniversary perfume?

Indeed and I wished to write an olfactory and aromatic history of Florida—both facts known and unknown. An aromatic memoir that is beautiful and timeless.

In this “aromatic composition”, have you instilled a piece of French history—certainly a country of perfumers—but also, equally of pioneers, having explored Floridian soil and it being equally a long time after our celebration last year of 450 years of French presence in Florida?

Yes and it is needless to say after I left the first steps of the Eau de Cologne perfumery headed by Jean Marie Farina, Hesperides, these young nymphs that would gather golden apples on the hills of Atlas. During this time, perfumers were accredited to the court of the King of France, and possessed the title of Master Apothecary Glover—fragrances were drunken and also served both medical and magical purposes.

Florida and Florida by Night, these two fragrances, these two aromatic compositions will also bring to each person an unusual and rare light in their gaze…and also reaffirm that the most beautiful wealth is in this world—quite simply, the intelligence of the heart.

May God protect the USA, Florida, and all men and women of good will.


Christian Louis
Designer and Master Perfumer

Article published April 24, 2013.

Last modified on 25/04/2013

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