Tropical Baroque Festival in Miami

Tropical Baroque Festival featuring French artists, will take place from March 1 through March 9.


Le Poème Harmonique

This unique festival takes place at different venues around Miami and will feature performances of French artists Fuoco e Cenere and Le Poème Harmonique.

French ensemble Fuoco e Cenere will perform "Biblical Cantatas", adopted and transformed by French composers such as Bousset, Couperin, Jacquet de la Guerre and Moreau. This oustanding ensemble grants vivid new life to the stories of Esther and Judith, remarkable Old Testament women who fought and vanquished arrogance with either force or tenderness.

The acclaimed French early-music ensemble Le Poème Harmonique conjures up the musical world of 17th-century Venice in an imaginative program titled “Venezia, From the Streets to the Palaces". To set a period atmosphere for this semi staged program, directed by Benjamin Lazar, the four singers and six instrumentalists will play by candlelight, segueing with few breaks among arias, laments and madrigals by Monteverdi, Dario Castello, Francesco Manelli and Benedetto Ferrari, with a fetching anonymous Neapolitan song tossed in.


March 1- 9, 2013


Miami Bach Society,
P.O. Box 4034
Coral Gables, FL 33114

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Article published on February 27th, 2013.

Last modified on 28/02/2013

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