Miami Beach Antique show: French tradition finds a new home in Miami!

Miami Beach Antique show will take place from January 31 to February 4, 2013. During this event, Silver Art, a venture company created by Jasmine Doussière and Christophe Robin who settled on both sides of the Atlantic, will introduce their collection, notably in silver. Due to the occasion that is going to take place, Jasmine Doussière was kind enough to give us an interview where she mostly talks about the “genuine interest” Americans demonstrate towards French heritage, a heritage that many of them want to keep alive, she claims.

- e-Toile : Hello Jasmine Doussière, how are you? You are going to participate in the Miami Beach Antique Show that will debut at the end of January, where you will get to introduce to the public your new company named Silver Art. What motivated you to come up with this venture, since it is rooted both in Marseille and in Brooklyn?

  • Jasmine Doussière : First and foremost, I would like to give thanks to the Consul General in advance for his presence during the debut of the Antique Show. We particularly appreciate his support and we are very excited to see that the French community has showed a great deal of interest in regards to our company. Now, in order to respond to your question, I will first talk about the love of Beauty!

After my childhood, I was lucky enough to have been taught to appreciate the aesthetic and art in all its forms. I have always loved the texture of objects, and the fact that I can admire them and touch them, knowing that they were created centuries ago and know if they are made out of wood or metal, is a great joy.

So after many years of having had a privately owned collection of ancient silverware and woodwork, I finally decided to share my passion.

Then, I started becoming aware that safeguarding of our heritage was at risk since unfortunately we live in a time where the value of silver puts in danger many pieces of art.

Keeping this in mind, we took a chance knowing that the pieces of art, both delicate and sophisticated represented the Art of Living “á la Française”, and we knew that others would share our same passion.

Focusing on the American market, our roots in Brooklyn offers us with an opportunity to make specific and personalized demands.

- e-Toile : What does the Miami Beach Antique Show represent for you and what does it represent for those Americans that love Antiques?

  • Jasmine Doussière : After having lived in San Francisco for 12 years, and Christophe having lived in Brooklyn, New York for 18 years, there was no doubt that we loved antiques and it was reinforced after having seen the genuine interest of Americans towards objects that have both a dense and fascinating past.

We share a love for antiques due to the fact that France has strived to preserve and maintain their importance either through Versailles or other important places.

To continue, during our visit to the Antique Show in Baltimore, we were surprised by the enthusiasm American visitors showed us!

The majority of them were better acquainted with American and English objects found in the market than objects made by French Goldsmiths.

Regardless, their comments were very interesting and unique. They talked about the smoothness of the objects, about their beauty, about their elegance and the delicacy with which they were made. In all, they were the ones that convinced us to continue on this road which eventually will lead us to Miami!

Furthermore, our colleagues who were experts in English and American Silverware in the Baltimore Antique Show were really convincing as well that the Miami Antique Show was particularly dynamic, with well known costumers that were sophisticated and who love art in all its forms.

We hope that this Antique Show will allow us the opportunity to meet wonderful people, that will motivate us to continue on our journey and that will convince us to return next year!

- e-Toile : Miami is a city which is only a little over 200 years old. Does its modernity inspire its citizens to collect items which have an older history in your opinion?

  • Jasmine Doussière : I think that the youth of some American cities is intrinsically linked to their desire of culture and intellectual development.

We are also convinced that this is the case of the United States in general. There is a thirst for knowledge that leaves dreamers and explorers everywhere.

We have talked for over 45 minutes with people who were absolutely fascinated by goldsmiths, their techniques.

Often, the term Antique is considered younger and is used more often than back at home.

We are convinced that the love of objects has the ability to traverse the ages and time periods.

Miami is now in a hub of trends, fashion and art in all its forms. It is a city in commotion, a city which we cannot wait to meet!


Jasmine Doussière & Christophe Robin

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Article published on January 31, 2013.

Last modified on 31/01/2013

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