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Lélia Mordoch is a gallery owner anchored to both sides of the Atlantic. With an exhibition at the Miami Art Fair and afterwards at the contemporary art fair of Palm Beach, which was held until January 28th, she continues her work by exhibiting the art of Frank Loret at her gallery in Wynwood. In order to share with a curious public of art lovers whom she says are not so different throughout "Shanghai, New York, Paris to Sao Paulo," she exhibits and answers our questions while asking some of her own! Interview.


- e-Toile : Hello Lélia Mordoch, you are a gallery owner who is anchored to both sides of the Atlantic. May you please provide us with some specificities and differences of the art markets in Paris, Miami, and Palm Beach ?

  • Lélia Mordoch : For over twenty years I have discovered artists with origins in Europe, the United States and also Latin America. Certainly, it is impossible to deny it, there is a market for art, is it different in France and in the United States? Each country seeks or should seek to promote its artists, but art is not immune to the globalization of the markets. Julio Le Parc has said that he is as in demand today in the two Americas as he is in France. I speak with more freedom as I have worked with him for over ten years. Apart from a few artists whose headlights illuminate the art market, there are all those aspiring artists who are enthusiastically developing tomorrow’s scene. Who do these appeal to the most? How do you know?

- e-Toile : One of your exhibitions in South Florida can be visited early this year. After a stint at the Miami International Art Fair and Art Palm Beach, you are now going to Wynwood. What works are your exhibitions composed of and why have you chosen them for your artistic tour?

  • Lélia Mordoch : As a gallery owner, I believe my most important role is to share as many names as possible of artists that I love. But do not misunderstand me, I am speaking about works of art not men.
    To show new things to both sides of the Atlantic, to share my tastes that are reflected in an audience that is not so different throughout Shanghai, New York, Paris to Sao Paulo, that is my goal. Curiosity exists all around our pretty blue planet: Art has no boundaries but the limits of the mind.

Frank Loret, who I currently exhibit in my gallery in Wynwood, interests both the young and old, men and women, Americans and French. Like many artists I represent, he plays with the paradoxes of the material. He gives nobility to his vinyl surgical cuts. At first glance, the spectator wonders about the material, spontaneously they imagine that they are laser cuts but no, Frank has nimble fingers, he sculpts organic geometric lace with a scalpel. He reveals to the eye elementary cellular forms inspired by the morphogenesis of living. He gives back to the paper a wood texture through the perspective of a backwards evolution.

- e-Toile : Your gallery is located in the heart of Wynwood. Since when have you been in this part of Miami and how do you take part in the area’s "life" throughout the year?

  • Lélia Mordoch : For more than twenty years I have participated in the art fairs of Florida and I moved to Wynwood four years ago. This is a project that I was able to realize thanks to one of my artists, Daniel Florda, sculptor, painter and now director of the gallery, which he with passion. We produce an exhibition every month like most other galleries located in Miami’s cultural scene. Daniel continues, nonetheless, to create. He also starts the longisima via a contemporary archeology called "Nostalgic Hardware".

Lelia Mordoch Gallery
2300 North Miami Avenue, Wynwood (Miami)

Lelia Mordoch Gallery (in France)
50, rue Mazarine 75006 Paris
Tel - 01 53 10 88 52

Article published January 29, 2013.

Last modified on 01/07/2015

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