Olivier Dassault, a man of science and art

Olivier Dassault is an artist promoted by Gauchet Fine Arts Gallery. As described by Kristelle Gauchet, Oliver Dassault’s agent in the US, "Gauchet Fine Art represents French Contemporary Artists in the United-States: Photographer, Painter and Sculptor. Specialized in Design as well, the Gallery works with Interior Designers, Architects and Collectors." The grandson of a legendary aircraft manufacturer, high profile scientist turned photographer and musician, talks about his sources of inspiration including Robert Capa and Miami, a city that serves as a union between the two Americas.


Olivier Dassault, copyright©bendauchez

- e-Toile : Hello Olivier Dassault, grandson of the legendary aircraft manufacturer Dassault. You are a scientist, graduate of the school of air and lecturer at HEC. Early on, you were also interested in photography and music. What has fed and continues to feed this artistic vein?

  • Olivier Dassault : My mother used to take me to the Louvre when I was a child. It was strolling through these enormous rooms that I discovered paintings and glimpsed the beauty of the world. Since this blessed period I have tried, modestly, to contribute to the beauty and to dream, either with my pictures or my music. The taste for creation is in my family and I inherited it from my grandfather and my father. Both have contributed materially to my artistic development as I owe my first public exhibition to my grandfather and my father gave me my first camera upon returning from a trip to Japan.

- e-Toile : You have opted for very creative photography, transposing impressions where color dominates form, a photograph very far away from the actual representation. What has or who are the artists that have guided you on this path?

  • Olivier Dassault : Life is a source of inspiration for me: a landscape, a light, a face, they can all make vibrate the string of creation. Having the chance to travel profusely, each time is an opportunity to enrich something as it catches my eye: architecture, the atmosphere, the energy of a place all are there to be seized and returned by the photographer, even unexpectedly. Robert Capa said "the photos are there and you just have to take them" yet I will add to them in order to succeed in seeing them.

- e-Toile : After your exposure at Art Miami in 2011 some of your pictures are now in the Gauchet Fine Art gallery. What is it that you see in Miami that after several years makes it continue to attract some of the world’s best contemporary art?

  • Olivier Dassault : Miami is a must for art in all of its forms. Its intense cultural life at the confluence between the two Americas makes it a valuable link. While preserving its heritage of Art Deco, Miami, strong with multi-ethnic origins, is constantly evolving: it is a gold mine for fans of Modern Art, Contemporary Art and Design. Its museums, collections, galleries (Bass Museum of Art, Rubell Family Collection, De La Cruz Collection...) as well as Art Basel are essential to the influence of art while remaining great sources of inspiration for the artist.


Olivier Dassault, copyright©bendauchez

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Article published January 24, 2013.

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