A Conference-Luncheon Dedicated to Napoleon

Giving pride of place to the History of France, a lecture will take place on Feb.5, 2013 in Palm Beach. In this interview, as the Keynote speaker Jean Pierre Miquel passes on his passion for the Emperor.

- e-Toile : Hello Jean Pierre Miquel, today it is not the French Foreign Trade Advisor we speak about but a passionate historical figure that represents Napoleon. For what reasons do you lean on the existence of this illustrious figure?

  • Jean-Pierre Miquel : After WWII, I was in elementary school and there was little to celebrate in this time of sadness, stress and deprivation. However, as a child I dreamed of the greatness of France, especially when the teacher taught us the history of the era of Napoleon. I was dazzled by the splendor and greatness of France and at night I would fall asleep with dreams of glory. Hence, my enthusiasm for the Emperor developed. Thereafter I continued to study this great man, to collect souvenirs from his life and to share my passion with others.

- e-Toile : In 2012, you presented your first conference. What was the agenda of this conference and for what audience?

  • Jean-Pierre Miquel : In 2012 I made a general presentation about "The Life of Napoleon" as an introduction to this same audience in Palm Beach.

- e-Toile : This upcoming February 5th, along with Nicole Hish, French Representative Abroad, you have organized a conference-luncheon also dedicated to Bonaparte. What is the theme of this conference and who is your audience?

  • Jean-Pierre Miquel : On February 5th, in Palm Beach, my speech will focus on a a very specific realization of a childhood dream, "my trip to St. Helene," where I could retrace the steps of this unusual prisoner. Our audience will consist mainly of Francophones and other friends from France who love to know the history of the European cradle of modern civilization.

- e-Toile : Do you have in mind other moments also dedicated to the emperor?

  • Jean-Pierre Miquel : In the past I have done and participated in numerous speeches on this subject and in particular on Napoleon and the Freemasons, the gastronomy in his empire, the King of Rome and many more... So much so that last year I put together all these topics in a book I titled "I love (I heart) Napoleon."

The conference and luncheon will be held on Tuesday, February 5th, at 11:30 a.m. at the Sailfish Club in Palm Beach. If interested in attending, please contact Nicole Hirsh, before January 30th, by phone at 561-795-9939 or by email at nhirsh@comcast.net.

Article published on Jan. 15, 2013.

Last modified on 17/01/2013

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