A French pianist at the International Piano Festival in Miami

The French pianist Eric-Ferrand-N’Kaoua will be present on January 13th at the International Piano Festival in Miami, whose originality he particularly appreciates. In Aventura, he will deliver an eclectic piece nicknamed "From European Romanticism to American Romance" evoking Mendelssohn, Berlioz or Liszt, without forgetting the "enticing drama of a scherzo from Chopin" and a "look at American music, such as the Blue Rhapsody from Gershwin". Interview 


- e-Toile : Eric-Ferrand-N’Kaoua, you are coming to Miami for the Piano festival that will take place on January 13, 2013. However, this is not the first time that you are participating in the festival, what can you tell us about it? 

  • Eric-Ferrand-N’Kaoua: There is originality in the performances with an inclination towards virtuosity, by inviting new musicians or well known musicians to perform, who come from different countries. The festival organizes concerts in various places where I have had the opportunity of playing and I am honored to begin the new year performing at Aventura, in a new wave that was inaugurated last month by the great pianist Jorge-Luis Prats. 

- e-Toile: In France, the piano is perceived as a "very classical instrument". Is it perceived in the same way in the United States? 

  • Eric-Ferrand-N’Kaoua: It is possible, especially since a large part of the American public is familiar with Jazz, where the piano plays a key role. Moreover, it seems to me that the piano is always present in their homes, schools and even in their worship places. Even if the piano is not currently found on the songs that are topping the charts, it is always a part of their culture. At the same time, there also exists a certain degree of prestige, tradition and familiarity that you associate with this daily companion, one that I certainly associate. 

- e-Toile : On January 13th, you will perform an eclectic piece, is it a personal choice?

  • Eric-Ferrand-N’Kaoua: Yes, there is an agreement with the festival that this piece would be entitled “From European Romanticism to American Romance”. This first part will consist of the gracefulness of Mendelssohn, the descriptive power of Berlioz with rarely played extracts from the fantastic Symphony adapted by Liszt, finalizing with the enticing drama of a scherzo from Chopin. Next, regarding “a look at American music”, the Blue Rhapsody from Gershwin is a rare stone, both rich and precious. I will play it first in its original version, followed by 3 preludes by the same compositor. Finally, I hope to get inspired by the ease and freedom of those outstanding Jazz artists who have contributed so much to the piano, as to momentarily evoke Art Tatum, Bill Evans or Oscar Peterson. As a European artist, I find it extraordinary to be able to bring together these two equally creative time periods, which make up a good part of my daily music nourishment. 

The concert: where and when

  • Where: Aventura Arts & Cultural Center in Aventura, FL
  • When: Sunday, January 13th at 5 p.m.

To watch Video extracts, click below:

Miami Piano Fest Blog: http://miamipianofest.com

Article published January 8, 2013.

Last modified on 10/01/2013

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