Gaetan Doremus: A creator of fictions in Miami

Gaetan Doremus met with the students from Coconut Grove Elementary School and the French-American School of Miami (EFAM).
Author of works written for children but also for “grown-ups,” Mr. Doremus who defines himself as an “illustrauthor,” gives you his impressions about Miami. Interview.


e-Toile: Mr. Gaetan Doremus hello, how do you define yourself professionally? Are you an author, illustrator, journalist, or everything at once?

Gaetan Doremus: I am an author-illustrator, or illustrauthor. I create fictions made of images and words.

e-Toile: You just recently came to Miami. What ideas or clichés did you have in mind as you passed through the airport doors?

Gaetan Doremus: I expected palm trees, sunshine, glass buildings and glitter.
I saw all of that. But also energy and a remarkable openness among the children and teachers I met.

e-Toile: The students at Coconut Grove Elementary School had the chance to meet you. What did you tell them and what did you teach them?

Gaetan Doremus: I spoke to them about my work, they asked me about the questions raised by my narratives or my images, about the how and the why of a book.

They also wanted to know which drawing tools I use and why we frequently find animals in books intended for youth.
And, they ask if I was a real writer…

Picture: (from left to right) Gaetan Doremus and French teachers Muriel Molinier and Myriam Kara-Ruiz.

Article published Dec. 12, 2012.

Last modified on 13/12/2012

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