France in Art Basel Miami, follow the guide...

From the December 6th-9th, Miami will not just have contemporary art from all over the world in its galleries but its streets and musuems as well as its walls, its roofs and beaches will be covered in art as well. Find contemporary French art using the guides found here for the satisfaction of your artistic curiosity.


Art Basel Miami: 11th edition

19 French galleries are present in the Convention Center in Miami Beach, the home to Art Basel Miami Beach, which unites more than 200 galleries.

Do not miss the French galleries that have made the trip all the way to Miami: Here is a guide to the French galleries, to print and take with you —>

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The display of artwork outside of the Convention Center is not to be missed as well :

  • sections highlighting the works of emerging artists such as :

— Art Kabinett will feature solo shows of works by French artists Vidya Gastaldon, Kader Attia, and the famille Duchamps.

— Art Nova will include works of Cyprien Gaillard, Davide Balula, Gyan Panchal, David Douard, Mathieu Mercier, and Dove Allouche among others.

— Outside the main exhibition hall, Art Public will present a sculptural work of Pierre Ardouvin, and Art Video will include works by Pierre Bismuth.

DESIGN MIAMI : the official design fair

The official design fair which is partnered with Art Basel, will feature over 30 galleries, including 8 French galleries: Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Galerie BSL, Galerie Downtown-François Laffanour, Galerie Jacques Lacoste, Galerie Kreo, Galerie Maria Wettergren, Galerie Patrick Seguin, and Jousse Entreprise.

Also to note is that its Design Satellite program proposed an installation of Le Corbusier‘s “The Interior of the Cabanon” in the Design District.

"Off " fairs are also part of the program, and should not be missed :

More than 23 parallel fairs will make Miami their home during the Art Basel period (UNTITLED, PULSE, SCOPE, RED DOT, NADA) Many French artists will also be represented in these fairs...

- UNTITLED : set up right on the sandy beach under the artistic direction of New York based curator, Omar Lopez-Chahoud, in partnership with Terence Riley, former Chief Curator of Architecture and Design for the Museum of Modern Art and former Director of the Miami Art Museum. Among the 50 galleries presented, Bleu Acier Gallery of Tampa, FL, feature the works of French artist Dominique Labauvie.

- Fountain Art Fair : Sarah Trouche was invited from France to do a performance on December 1st (photo) by the local gallery Farside, and it was highlighted at the FOUNTAIN ART FAIR in the Wynwood District.

If you had the oppurtunity to attend this performance, you may look at photos and videos from the artist or discover and visit her website at :

- PULSE : PULSE art fair has invited Parisian artist « INvader » who will present a video of his space mosaics.

- Finally, GLOBAL CARIBBEAN returns for its 4th edition at the Little Haiti Cultural Center with a selection of works by contemporary artists from the French West Indies and French Guiana, including artists such as Ano, Christian Bertin, Valérie John, Louis Laouchez and Laurent Valère among others.

This exhibition, on view until February 16th 2013, is curated by local Haitian artist, Edouard Duval Carrié, and will travel to Martinique with the support of the Fondation Clément.

Other local artists to follow :

The cultural frenzy brought on by Art Basel spurs many other other projects throughout the city: “Lunar landing”, an outdoor project by French artist duo Kolkoz, will recreate the landing area of the Apollo 11 mission to then be destroyed by beach soccer games.

The Rubell Family Collection will present a temporary installation by Bernar Venet entitled “Bugatti Grand Sport”.

- The Wolfsonian Museum presents French-Israeli artist Esther Shalev Gerz, Waltman Ortega Gallery is featuring Franco-American artist Jérôme Lagarrigue, and Galerie Lélia Mordoch is showcasing works of François Morellet, Emmanuel Fillot, and Alain Le Boucher.

To learn more about French artists and galleries during Art Basel please click below:
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(PDF - 14.2 kb)

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