November 19th

Carol Jazzar Gallery presents Byways by Robert Huff

Carol Jazzar Gallery is pleased to present Byways, a solo exhibition by Miami artist Robert Huff. Robert Huff’s works relate to each other. Every point of departure is also an arrival and as he moves forward in his art there are always connections to previous works. Huff’s latest solo exhibition "Byways" at Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art features a sculpture from 1999 as well as three new paintings and various drawings from 2012.

"Byways is a way of moving from one place to another and my work does that in more ways than one," says artist Robert Huff and adds "It’s a descriptive and non descriptive term at the same time."

  • Exhibit runs through December 09, 2012

For more information please contact Carol Jazzar at (305)490-6906 or visit

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